New Style Blog

Blogs tend to be like everything else. Unless they adapt and evolve they can go stale and die out. So it is that I felt it was time for Mars Hill to go through a change. From now on it is more of a magazine current affairs blog, with the same ethos of encouraging debate and discussion rather than a singular effort.
So now it is a multi authored blog (albeit with myself as Editor). Joining us is Stephen Glenn, an Ulsterman and Lib Dem activist, who will be discussing Lib Dem issues, electoral reform, and N.Ireland affairs. Raeven is a friend of mine who will be discussing health issues and arts/culture with occasional geeky fan stuff, and soon to join us, Rachel Stalker, who will be discussing Labour politics, history, and social issues, as well as Tim Roll-Pickering who will be discussing Conservative Party politics and political history.
We will also be publishing guest posts from other people and will hope to expand our team in the coming weeks.
Welcome to the regenerated Mars Hill, hope you enjoy it :-)


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