Osborne - A Profile

I happened to read yesterday's Guardian profile on George Osborne and several things struck me.
The first was a reminder to when I was helping Rachel in her campaign and she said to me at one stage whilst we were talking about the economy "You really don't like him do you!" The answer to that is somewhat mixed and indeed I have been disgusted with Osborne's attitude and behaviour over the past few years as this blog shows.
What concerns me about Osborne is not really to do with him being a Conservative, or even a Thatcherite Conservative (Iain Dale and Tim Montgomerie are Thatcherites and I like and respect them, even if I strongly disagree with them from time to time), it is not even to do with his occasional barbs (William Hague is good at them and is liked by a no of Labour activists inc myself), it's his determined approach without thinking of the consequences and lack of proper self awareness.
When he makes snide comments you get the impression it is meant. This is someone who fails to properly take into account that those on the receiving end will remember and will hold it against him. Then there is the hypocrisy with his attacks on Gordon Brown, and yet as this profile shows, Osborne has been seen in the same way in the way he conducts himself as Chancellor, and, not for the first time he is seen as someone who prefers politics in general and out-manoeuvring people, rather than the job in hand. It is also the seeming refusal to admit mistakes and being at the forefront, rather than being a back-room boy, which may well count heavily against him. Yesterday's Autumn Statement was not very encouraging with Osborne blaming others, as he and Cameron usually do. If he continues down this path he may well find he has no political career, and for someone who has some of the talents he has, to see them ruined by his own cynical opportunism, bullying attitude, and lack of financial prowess, that would be a sad sight indeed. The no's of ordinary people suffering as a result of his policies even more so.


See I'm not even sure if Osbourne cares about a political career long-term: he's young enough to make this supreme mess of things and walk away should he choose.

I just don't think he is remotely bothered about the offence his remarks can cause; he says them, means them and couldn't give a stuff because ultimately the impact of his actions and his words are not really going to damage him and his comfort.

Also: can I just say, the Guardian cover photo wasn't subtle was it? I nearly barffed my tea in shuddering horror at the image: with that lighting they may have as well put a big sign over his head saying 'The Evil One'.

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