A Response to Simon Kelner

Dear Simon,

I am not sure if a blogpost is the best response, but as my views on the recent Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson story is well known and you recently quoted my comment to you via Twitter, although you were gracious enough not to name me.
I think what alarms me about the response with some media commentators is defending the indefensible. If I was a bit harsh with you I apologise, I know what it is like to get flak for defending someone against accusations and I hope I was fair. Certainly you have defended this with more decorum than some have!
Now what concerns me about defending the incident is in those photographs Nigella Lawson looks scared. Saatchi went to the police and accepted a caution, and those actions have meant that an attack was made in public and by accepting a caution no one can say the assault was alleged! Also because it was in public, it can send messages to victims of assault and those of us who are witnesses, and yes those who commit such assaults! as well! One does feel for Nigella Lawson and her children, and one hopes this dies down, and believe it or not I also feel sorry for Charles Saatchi as well, even though I am disgusted by his actions, although it seems clear that he does need to make a full apology rather than increasingly pathetic explanations and it would do him no harm to go on an anger management course and seek help for his excessive controlling behaviour!

Sincere Regards



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