Isis Persecuting Christians and the Yazidi

When the genocide in Rwanda happened in 1994, the West afterwards, rightfully, beat themselves up for not intervening and doing something about it! On this occasion I am glad the US has decided to intervene in the form of air drops to those under threat, and potential air strikes against those militias who are attempting to commit genocide against Christians and the Yazidis. Those captured have been faced with a choice "Convert or die" and it does not matter to them whether that includes women and children (be warned, the article I have just linked to is not for the faint hearted). The Christians and the Yazidis can either flee Iraq (if they can), but for many they have nowhere to go but stay and face death. The UK must join forces with the US where possible and help prevent that from happening! For those who agree, there is a petition you can sign that will be sent to David Cameron, which you can get here. Please sign!


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