Newsnight and the Edinburgh Fringe

Last night's Newsnight was certainly something. I appreciate it's Editor, Ian Katz, likes to Jazz things up. First of all there was "Boringgate", for which he had the grace to apologise and even make a joke out of it, but it showed how he might like Newsnight to develop. This continued with little stunts like the Love/Hate tattoo, and even Paxman's farewell got a bit bizarre at times
Last night's Newsnight however, was in severe danger of jumping the This Week shark! (I don't want to bore you with why I dislike This Week, but if you want to get an idea why, you can read it here!) but they just about got away with it, as it was the Edinburgh Fringe festival, and the Referendum on Scottish  Independence is less than a month away! But some on my Twitter feed were not happy, as you can see:
It seems to show there is a void in the Politics and Current Affairs programming at the BBC! Satire like Have I Got News For You and Mock The Week is not enough, and clearly some feel that Newsnight and other such programmes needs to attract more people. There are many good ways to do that, but making it more chat show, or worse, humorous, is not the way to go about it, and if you do it has to be infrequent and in very small doses, otherwise you get situations like this, and the predictable backlash
Audiences who watch Newsnight, or need to be attracted to watch Newsnight are not children, they are not ignorant, and should not be treated as such! But time and again the programme makers at the News and Current Affairs Dept at the BBC don't seem to get it. So until they get a Controller who will do the decent thing and pit This Week against a high rating ITV programme earlier in the evening or give them a memo of what they can and cannot do, and make sure that the likes of Ian Katz get to take into account what is commonly said on the #Newsnight Twitter feed, emails etc.. I suggest that they turn the programmes to as they were before, concentrate on what are the main news topics, encourage participation from the person on the street and do more vox pops, and put the mix of newsand satire on a late Friday night TV Programme that mixes That Was The Week That Was, Newsnight, and Friday Night, Saturday Morning


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