The Riot Club

First a confession!
I have yet to see the film, and have only seen a trailer, plus the comments of a friend of mine who had recently seen it, so my views on this may be somewhat skewered, suffice to say it seems obvious to me that it is pretty much a film about posh, arrogant men who behave in ways that, if they lived on an estate, they would end up easily in prison!
A further discussion on the film on The Daily Politics has mentioned the wealth divide, and the culture of the rich vs poor, but from what I have seen it is not such much the pivotal point!
There are many decent people and unpleasant people in all walks of social life, what is striking about this is that it is not so much about wealth, but about power, being insecure about one's place in society, and the pursuit and abuse of power, and these people in the film are insecure about power and their place in society, otherwise they would not bang on about being powerful and being in inner circles. There would be no need to!


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