Snobbery and Politicians

First Emily Thornberry, then The Sun, then David Mellor, now Andrew Mitchell (although the last is part of a two year saga which may have reached it's end)!
Some of the attacks are unfair. For example Emily Thornberry hardly hails from a posh background, we don't know how the altercation in the cab started, as awful as the paper is, the entire Sun editorial team can't all be snobs, and Andrew Mitchell did have genuine commitments to international aid! However perception is everything and all concerned can be high handed and patronising against their opponents! All incidents seem to be accidents waiting to happen, and I say all of this with difficulty as someone who does not naturally warm to either David Mellor or The Sun, hardly knows anything about Andrew Mitchell, and has always liked, and still likes, Emily Thornberry!
What is does show is that we are a culturally fractured and divided nation! We tend to lump all of those who disagree with us in an unfavourable way (and that accusation is one I make to nearly everyone including myself), and if you doubt me, then ask yourself whether you readily back change in the UK for the better that impacts on your comfort zones and challenge your prejudices! Yes, bad behaviour as we have seen must be criticised, but as Suzanne Moore has said in the last two paras of this article (and it is worth reading, although I disagree with some of it's premises), we cannot lumpen the working class all together in a negative way, not least because it is false! If we are to move forward as a country, we need to stop stereotyping and start talking, and that means to stop being rude about people who live in Essex, Islington, the North, or anywhere else, whether in public, or in the privacy of a quiet area of a pub or dinner party!


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