The Diary of a Parliamentary Candidate's Spouse. Jan 24th

Between now and the next general election, I will be writing on what it is like to be the husband of a Parliamentary Candidate. My wife, as some of you know, is Rachel Burgin, Labour's PPC for Hitchin and Harpenden

It is fair to say that almost all of Rachel's spare time outside work is taken up with her campaign. There is only so much I can do to help, as I have my own work, and indeed my training for the lay ministry in the Methodist Church, which will keep me occupied until March. So it is that this morning I did not go canvassing with her in the Hitchin Walsworth Ward, or in the St Albans District Council by election campaign, where she was helping out this afternoon. Rachel also said something about meeting up with a Trade Unionist from Jersey Farm, en route.
I was stirred out of bed by Rachel looking for canvas sheets, I think she was putting in some work in Hitchin for an hour, hard to keep up sometimes. And like many a Parliamentary Candidate's household, we have boxes of newsletters in the study, a car boot that doubles as a small office, a small posterboard somewhere, and some rosettes in the car, in the study, and in the dining room/living room.. Plus, of course, some folders with canvass sheets inside One suspects this will all increase as the weeks tick by!
And things are starting up. We had the UKIP Candidate on Twitter last week, claiming that Rachel is self interested and boring, not qualities I recognise in Rachel, and if she was that, then we would not have started our relationship in the first place! His comments came after Rachel photographed herself doing her daily commute from Letchworth, to her workplace in London after one person wrote to one of the local newspapers, wanting to know why she was complaining about the daily commute to London for constituents, and questioned whether she had experienced it herself! I suspect the UKIP Candidate sees Rachel as a major threat, in that he feels he cannot get enough Tory switchers, and the Lib Dems are in trouble generally, so Rachel is seen as the main opponent! Perversely flattering, but there are better campaigns he could be conducting, like complaining himself about the increase in prices or rail commuters!
Ah well, never dull or boring!


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