Tory Unfunded Spending Claims Are "Completely False" Says Ed Miliband

I was not surprised by this, just four months before the general election, and with the likes of Lynton Crosby and George Osborne, expect such slurs that are almost obvious in their inaccuracy! As shown in this exchange on Twitter earlier today

Basically, if The Sun's Political Editor praises Osborne's "false assumptions", then it shows breathtaking arrogance from the Right, and such over confidence is dangerous for any leading politician, and indeed for a prominent paper which praises it!
What is good in this however, is today's exchange shows how better and more confident Labour is at swift rebuttals, as seen today. As Ed Miliband said this morning:

"It's going to be a choice of hope with us and falsehood from the Conservatives. The Institute for Fiscal Studies, respected independent body, has said that Labour has been the most cautious of all the parties in making commitments."

A politician like Osborne who can slime Labour as he did in the run up to the last election, irrespective of him being caught out, can do so again! There is much to play for this election. The future of the NHS, the responsibility of newspaper reporting, the state of the economy. The Conservatives have failed to keep to their pledges and the Liberal Democrats failed to help them, and they hope that by simple chutzpah and spin they can get back. Well it isn't working so well this time, and Labour is on to them this time! Expect a nasty election fight, and hope and work to make sure Labour can win and with dignity!


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