Wearing a Poppy

To me, Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday is about remembering those who made sacrifices for our freedoms, especially during the two World Wars, and wearing a poppy, commemorating those who suffered and died in the trenches of World War One helps commemorate that
If people chose not to wear one, or to wear a white one (being a pacifist symbol), then that is fine. A pacifist is not incapable of recognizing the sacrifices made by some on their behalf, nor are those who refuse to wear a poppy necessarily paying lip service to those who made sacrifices for our freedoms. There will be varying reasons why, not least concerns about the issue of emotional fascism.
So when we see those condemning others for not wearing a poppy, we should ask ourselves for what reasons are they doing that! And when we see journalists and politicians with an axe to grind watching Jeremy Corbyn like a hawk to see if he puts a foot wrong on Remembrance Sunday (You can see it can't you! "Oh no he is dressed correctly, heck he is wearing a poppy and the "correct" one. Hang on, is that a proper bow? Gotcha!"), you have to ask yourself why are they wasting time fault finding like Pharisees and not looking generally at the day in hand? Is that not insulting in itself?


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