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Gustav Holst: Mars

Scaramucci Fired

Race for EU Countries to Host Agencies Post Brexit

Germany Arguing for EU Countermeasures Against US Regarding Russia Sanctions

A UN Meeting is Needed on North Korea

Thought for the Day CCCXCI

The Muppets: Mahna Mahna

North Korean Missile Believed to Have Landed Near Japan

Kevin Myers and The Sunday Times Ireland

Thought for the Day CCCXC

Mick Jagger ft Skepta: England Lost

Tainted Alcohol at Some Mexican Resorts

On the Sacking of Reince Preibus

Thought for the Day CCCLXXXIX

Cole Porter: Night and Day

Jeff Sessions Needs to Stand His Ground

France to Set Up Refugee Hot Spots in Libya

Trump's Beleaguered Communications Chief

Trump's Repeal Bill Falls

Thought for the Day CCCLXXXVIII

Lauren Hill: Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You

Katie Hopkins, the far right, the Mail, and the Meditteranian Refugees

Govt Plan to end UK/EU Freedom of Movement in 2019

Thought for the Day CCCLXXXVII

Abba: Voulez Vous

Forrest Fires in France Cause Mass Evacuation

Austria Can Deport Asylum Seekers

UK Trade Deal with the US

Thought for the Day CCCLXXXVI

Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe: Barcelona (2012 Version)

Sweden and the Leaking of Information About It's Citizens

Trump Abuses his Office for the Umpteenth Time

I am Annoyed With Paul Mason, He Is Making Feel I am Defending George Warleggan!

Israeli Removes Metal Detectors from Holy Site

Thought for the Day CCCLXXXV

The Beatles: Hey Bulldog

The Doctor Who 2017 Christmas Special Trailer

The Last Standing Female South American President

Senate Testimonies, Trump, Kushner, and Who is Natalia Veselnitskaya?

Thought for the Day CCCLXXXIV

Parish News

Van McCoy:The Shuffle

The Unseat Boris Johnson Rally and Canvass Sessions

Thought for the Day CCCLXXXIII

Queen:Flick of the Wrist

Trump Emphasises that He Has Complete Power to Pardon

US Republican Congressman Asks NASA if There Was Civilisation on Mars

Thought for the Day CCCLXXXII

Andrew Gold: Thank You For Being a Friend

The John Williams Prom

Sean Spicer Resigns

US, North Korea, and Regime Change

Trainy McTrainface

Brexit Transition Needed Says Goldman Sachs Head

Thought for the Day CCCLXXXI

Interviewing Jane Austen. Aged 241 Years

Italy, France, and the Refugee Crisis

Trump's Disregard for the Rule of Law

More Clarity Needed from UK on Brexit

Vince Cable as the next Lib Dem leader

Thought for the Day CCCLXXX

Queen: We Will Rock You (Fast)

Trump and Putin's Undisclosed Talks

Bodies of Swiss Couple Found After 75 Years

The BBC Pay

Thought for the Day CCCLXXIX

Burt Bacharach ft Justin Hayward: What the World Needs Now

No of Civil Weddings in Norway Almost Equal With Religious Weddings

Republican Healthcare Plan Collapses

Thought for the Day CCCLXXVIII

Orkestra Obselete: Blue Monday

The New Doctor Who Adventures. As Decided By Sexist Tweets

Protesters in Brazil, Pelt Politician with Eggs on her Wedding Day

Queen Biopic Underway

Stopping Government Leaks Is Like Trying to Stop Running Water

The First Doctor and the First Companion to Leave

Thought for the Day CCCLXXVII

The Beatles: Can't Buy Me Love

Switzerland and Migration

And the 13th Doctor is Jodie Whittaker

Commemoration of Vel d'Hiv Deportaion

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Edward Jones: Light and Tuneful/Wimbledon Theme

France's Plans to be "Facilitators" in Gulf Talks

Doctor Who: The 13th Doctor

Clothes Etiquette and Legislative Buildings

Durham Miners Gala and Being Comradely

Thought for the Day CCCLXXV

Queen: Headlong

Youth Feeding 2000 Homeless Every Night in Montevideo

Bastille Day and 2017

Viscount Jailed for Offering Money to Kill Gina Miller

Thought for the Day CCCLXXIV

Stevie Wonder ft Ariana Grande: Faith

Switzerland Leading in Eurovision

Trump Says White House Mood is "Fantastic"

Prosecutor Calls for Ban of Paris Match Photos of Nice Terrorist Attacks

When King George VI Played at Wimbledon

Brexit Repeal Bill to be Published by the Government

Thought for the Day CCCLXXIII

Redbone: Come and Get Your Love

US Tourist in Greece Fatally Beaten Over a Selfie

Trump Claims Not To Know About Son's Russia Meeting

State Visit of King Felipe of Spain, Brexit, and Gibraltar

Thought for the Day CCCLXXII

Earth Wind and Fire:Septmber

Trump Jnr and Those Emails

France Makes Massive Spending Cuts to Meet EU Budget

German Call for Database of Leftist Millitants after G20 Riots

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James Taylor: Your Smiling Face

Anne Marie Morris and that Comment

Trump Jnr and the Russian Contact

Yvette Cooper Calling for Better Politics

Thought for the Day CCCLXX

Brian May and Kerry Ellis: Amazing Grace

On the Potential US/UK Trade Deal

Trump and Putin Robust Talks

Thought for the Day CCCLXIX

The Stockholm Air Traffic Control Tower Turned Into a Home

Venezuelan National Assembly Stormed by Government Supporters

Trump and Putin and Their First Official Meeting

David Bleakley 1925-2017

Thought for the Day CCCLXVIII

EU Chips Are Down Where Belgium Are Concerned

Apology Demanded of Luciana Berger by the Hard Left

Thought for the Day CCCLXVII

ELO: Livin' Thing

Macron Visits French Nuclear Submarine

Thought for the Day CCCLXVI

Queen and Adam Lambert: I Want It All

Austria Sends Troops to Italian Border

The DUP Deal: A tale of two families

Coffee, Grass, Netherlands, and Money Landering etc..

A Letter to America on it's Birthday

Thought for the Day CCCLXV

Abba: Head Over Heels

Trump and That Video Attacking CNN

Macron Proposes To Cut MP No's by a Third

Thought for the Day CCCLXIV

The Beatles: Don't Let Me Down

Doctor Who Series 10 Finale

Thought for the Day CCCLXIII

Billy Taylor: I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free

Happy 150th Birthday Canada