Bond Baddie Obituaries: Max Zorin

I remember once having a brief exchange with Al Murray on Twitter about Bond villains, and how their deaths would have to be explained to the media in Bond's world, given the sheer ostentatiousness of their world domination plans and the manner of their end, and that many of them were meant to be respectable pillars of society. So I thought I would do a short series on my blog about Bond villains and how their obituraries would look in the Press

MAX ZORIN 1943-1985

International German born French industrialist, Max Zorin was killed on the 27th last week, following a fall from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
Known for his charm, the fact he was a defector from East Germany, his strange way of using two sentences where one would do, and his pioneering work in silicon technology. Max Zorin's death has opened up his organisation to an international investigation, and questions about the deaths of fifty mineworkers in an area belonging to Zorin Industries just outside the City.
Little is known of Zorin's life. Born in Dresden in 1943, he later defected from East Germany in 1970 and soon setup Zorin Industries, specialising in the infant commodity of sillicon chips. There were questions about dubious business practices and links with the KGB, but Zorin always laughed them aside. Those who went for further investigation did not find it so funny, and there were some disappearances ofsuch journalists unaccounted for.
At the time of his death, Zorin was on the cusp of dominating the sillicon market, his company saw a record increase in investment and mining within the state ofCalifornia. However, the events around his death immiedately led to questions. Witnesses stated that they saw him crash his blimp into the Golden Gate Bridge, followed by his falling to his death, but that they also saw him try and kill two people with an axe immediately prior to his fall. Hours later, San Francisco Police raided his mine and found the bodies of many of his workers, some drowned, but also many machine gunned. Within the past seventy two hours his company has been placed in the hands of his receivers and French and US Authorities have raided his businesses and property in both countries, with dozens of arrests, amid fantastic rumours about an attempt to destroy Sillicon Valley.A lake near Zorin's home in France was also investigated and a rolls royce was brought up with the remains of the missing equestrian expert, Sir Godfrey Tibbett found inside
Zorin was a popular man, with influential friends within the French Government and among the European and US Business communities, many of those friends and contacts have since been quick to disassociate themselves from him


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