Booze and Flying

Many years ago when I was working in a coffee shop at a motorway service station on the A1, a group of customers came in and asked if we served wine. I replied that we did not because we would not get a licece being close to a motorway. They then started muttering about living in a nanny state. Aside from the fact that they faied to see that if their selfish desire for a glass of wine was quenched, less responsible people, assuming these people are responsible, would probably cause a drink driving accident.
I was reflecting on this when I was reading The Guardian earlier today. There needs to be a clampdown on alcohol on flights and in airports because, simples, drunkeness on flights endangers lives, and to try and get tanked up before boarding shows a lack of concern and regard for that view. It is not about being a killjoy Puritan, it is about being responsible, and the sooner some are aware of that the better, and ask yourself some tough questions if you feel you cannot go on a flight without drinking, if it is simply out of fear of flying there are alternatives


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