Blair and Corbyn

I see everyone is getting into a lather about Tony Blair's appearance on the BBC's Andrew Marr show this morning. That said, if Tony Blair appeared on Strictly Come Dancing, the Left of the Labour Party would be full of rage and the Blairites would be delighted at even the most awful dance moves.
But Blair said nothing unusual or new, he simply pointed out his belief that Corbyn's politics were wrong (a view he has articulated before and is entitled to), and that there is a vacumm at the political centre that cannot last. The latter is an obvious fact, in which case if Blair's critics want to shut him up, then it would be better to look at ways of reaching out to and working with the political centre. Because those who are in the centre are not going anywhere and if they are forced out, they will be by definition of existence, a force to be reckoned with


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