Labour's Conference Arrangements Committee Election Results

Yesterday saw Lord Cashman, as well as Labour MP, Gloria De Piero, lose their places in the Labour Party's Conference Arrangements Committee.
This may not seem much, but the CAC decide the itenary for Labour Party Conferences, and the candidates who won in today's elections will be there for two years. This is disconcerting on two counts, one is personal, as Lord Cashman and Gloria De Piero are decent individuals whon have shown courage and bravery and decency in much of what they have done for UK politics, the other is political.
It is clear now that the hard left pretty much control the agenda for Labour Party Conferences until 2019. This will mean that there is much to battle for ahead. Next stop will be pressure on CLP's to elect the delegates that fit the hard left agenda. The more moderate Labour activists now have to sit back and quietly consult and make some tough decisions, the next two years are going to be extremely tough and will require imagination, bravery, and initative


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