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Neil Rosengarden: Here Comes the Moon

Stockholm Bomber Initally Wanted To Target Copenhagen

The BBC Needs To Radically Rethink It's Pay Disparity

Trump's State of the Union Address

Theresa May Standing Firm

Thought for the Day DLXX

Duo Telluur: Venus

Super Blue Moon from the Netherlands

Franklin Graham: Trump Is Work in Progress

Sir Kenneth Branagh Receives the Freedom of the City of Belfast

US Avoids New Sanctions Against Russia

Thought for the Day DLXIX

Radiohead: High and Dry

FBI Deputy Director Forced To Resign

UAE Ambassador Advertises Dubai to Jamaica

Canada's Oldest Man

Fire and Fury and the Grammys

Trump On Doing Brexit Differently

Thought for the Day DLXVIII

Chris Stapleton: Midnight Train to Memphis (Live)

Shada: A Review

Hiring and Firing in France?

Mild Weather in Ireland

Brazil's Ex President Lula's Passport Taken

Lidington Calls for Conservative Party Unity

Steve Wynn Resigns

The Ambulance Bomb in Kabul

CCTV Released Of Teenage Car Crash Suspect Running Away

Thought for the Day DLXVII

The Murder of Barry and Honey Sherman

Paris Faces Seine Floods

Relief for Bombardier

Thought for the Day DLXVI

Holst: Saturn

Finland Stopping Arms Sales to UAE

Trump and America First

The Death of Stalin Shown in Russian Cinema

Tessa Jowell's Speech

Thought for the Day DLXV

Elton John: The One (Live)

Cavaliers and Roundheads. Which Are We?

Anti-Semitism in 21st Century Germany

May, Davos, and Trump

Oprah Not Interested in Running for President

Trump Says He Is Looking Forward To Being Questioned by Mueller

Thought for the Day DLXIV

Holst: Mercury

Ireland Drawn Against World Cup Foes

David Cameron: Brexit a Mistake. Not a Disaster

Brazil's Ex President Loses Appeal Against Corruption Conviction

Mugabes To Be Left "In Peace"

The Sleazy Behaviour at the Presidents Club

German Government Facing Calls To End Arms Exports to Turkey

Thought for the Day DLXIII

Billy Joel: Piano Man

Russia Bans "The Death of Stalin"

Boris Johnson Rebuked For NHS Comments

Britain First Contact Before Van Attack

Arctic Bird Found in Romania

US Shutdown Ends

Thought for the Day DLXII

Holst: Venus

The Celebs Who Did Not Emigrate To Canada Last Year

Portugal Spent Over 100,000 Euros on Art Last Year

Another Royal Wedding on the Horizon

The Queue of UKIP Resignations

Un-Presidential Answer Phone Message in White House

German SPD Backs Coalition Talks

Thought for the Day DLXI

Scary Pockets: We Are The Champions

SNL's "What Even Matters Anymore" Sketch

Labour leadership Should Do Far More To Tackle Antisemitism

Thousands of Romanians on Anti-Corruption Demonstration in Bucharest

Macron on Marr

Henry Bolton,UKIP, and leadership

Senate Working To Avoid Government Shutdown

Turkey Moves Into Syria

The Intercontinental Hotel in Afghanistan and Terrorism

Thought for the Day DLX

U2:I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Canada Embracing Indigenous Cuisine

Ireland's Greenway

Macron Plugs Idea of Special UK Deal With EU. Post Brexit

Is Trump About To Break US Law

Thought for the Day DLIX

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata (for Solo Guitr)

Further Concerns Over Irish Border Post Brexit

Advent Fall in Retail Sales

US Government Scrambles To Avert Shutdown

Thought for the Day DLVIII

Holst: Neptune

RIP Peter Wyngarde c.1927-2018

A New Entente Cordiale?

Pope Francis Marries Air Steward Couple on Flight Over Chile

Statue of Christ in Peru Damaged Prior to Pope's Visit

Where Oliver Kamm Is Wrong Regarding Dealing With the Hard Left Within Labour

Kelly, Trump, and That Proposed Mexican Wall

Romania Has It's First Female PM

UK Pledges Extra £44 Million for Calais Border Security

Thought for the Day DLVII

Julian Lennon: Saltwater

Anglo French Ties Strengthened By Loan of Bayeux Tapestry

Review of BBC Panorama's Documentary, Trump Voters: One Year On

Steve Bannon Refuses To Answer Questions From House Intelligence Committee

Koreans To March Behind Single Flag at the Winter Olympics

Japanese PM Arrives in Romania at an Inconvenient Time

Donald Tusk: EU Open To UK Staying In EU If It Changes It's Mind

Thought for the Day DLVI

The Cranberries: Zombie

Christine Shawcroft Elected By New Left NEC To Chair Labour's Disciplinary Panel

What Does Steve Bannon Know Regarding Russia?

Macron Trying To Prevent Another Calais Camp

Amazon Rainforest Suffers From Brazil's Political Instability

RIP Dolores O'Riordan

Trump Says Durbin Misrepresented Him on 'Racial Slur'

Romania Losing It's Second Prime Minister in Seven Months

Thought for the Day DLV

Edwin Starr: Funky Music Sho' 'Nuff Turns Me On

Martin Luther King Day 2018

United Arab Emirates Flight Reported to Have Been Intercepted by Quatari Jets

Labour Left Dominate NEC

Algerian President Congratulates Tunisia on 7th Anniversary of Uprising

Further Debate on Australia Day

Greed Damaged Carillion

Deneuve Apologises

Reviewing the New Look Guardian Newspaper

Trump Denies He Is a Racist

Canada Attacks the US Over Trade

Thought for the Day DLIV

First Aid Kit: It's a Shame

The Shameful Silence of Trump's Evangelical Friends

Deadly Earthquake in Peru

Argument in France Over #MeToo

Girlfriend of UKIP's leader Suspended For Racism

Leisure Centre Fire in Portugal: Eight Killed

Thought for the Day DLIII

Neil Sedaka:The Immigrant

Far Right Try and Threaten Fabian Society Meeting and "Arrest" Sadiq Khan

DUP leader Says Irish Relations Not Harmed by Brexit

Left Wing Social Democrats Lobby Against Coalition

Trump's Netherlands Ambassador Admits "No Go Zone" Claims

African Union Says Trump Should Apologise for s***hole Comments

Thought for the Day DLII

First Aid Kit:My Silver Lining

Recovering From Cellulitis. Continued

Disagreement Between US Ambassador and Trump

Breakthrough in German Coalition Talks

More Protests Against The Pardon of Former Peruvian President, Fujimori