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Sir John Major Calls for a Second Referendum

Political Heroes: Cicero

Romania's Anti Corruption Chief Facing Heavy Criticism

Trump Hiding Russian Guilt in Plain Sight?

Russian Ambassador Summoned to Downing Street Over Syria

Thought for the Day DXCVIII

Wedding String Quartet: Nobody Does It Better

No Candidate for Labour's General Secretary from Labour's Right or Centre?

Elderly Emirates Men Tell of Life Before the UAE

The Tom Baker Valentine's Day Parody

King Penguins Facing Extinction

Rumours of EU Plan to Keep Northern Ireland in Customs Union

Lewis Gilbert 1920-2018

Brad Parscale Named as Trump's 2020 Campaign Chief

The Weather from Siberia

Thought for the Day DXCVII

Abba: Waterloo

Bank of Ireland Reaps First Financial Dividend in a Decade

Fuel Dumping Over Canada

On Corbyn's Call for a New Customs Union With the EU

US Gun Lobby Will Not Make any Concessions

Erdogan and the "Girl Martyr"

The Awful Explosion in Leicester

Thought for the Day DXCVI

Queen: Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Live)

Closing of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

Ukraine To Deepen Economic Ties With the US

France Prevented Two Terror Attacks This Year

Talk of Talks Between North Korea and the US

Tensions in Italian Election Campaign

Thought for the Day DXCV

Bee Gees: Stayin' Alive

Livingstone Welcomed Back to Labour? please No!

Ireland Continues To Inspire in the Six Nations

Airlines Boycott the NRA

Tusk: UK Cannot Cherry Pick on EU

Thought for the Day DXCIV

Wesley's Forty Four Sermons

Iain McNicol Resigns

Corbyn and Spying

The Canadian/Indian Diplomatic Dance

Get Well Soon Stephen

Jeremy Hunt: UK Will Not Be in Customs Union

The Deputy Who Did Not Intervene in Parkland Shooting

Argentina, Russia, and Cocaine

Thought for the Day DXCIII

The Beatles: Penny Lane

On the White Powder Delivered to Meghan Markle

Romania,Corruption, and Arguing With the EU

Arming Teachers is a Deeply Foolish Idea

Explosion at US Embassy in Montenegro

Thought for the Day DXCII

Abide With Me

United Arab Emirates Gain Two Paralympic Gold Medals

The New Doctor Who Logo

Billy Graham 1918-2018

Florida Protestors March on State Capital

On the Pro Brexit MP's Demands to Theresa May

Thought for the Day DXCI

Detroit Symphony Orchestra: Adagio for Strings

The Russian Affair. Trump Blames Obama

AfD Now Second Most Popular Party in Germany. According to Polls

Mad Max and Brexit

Thought for the Day DXC

The Beatles: Paperback Writer

Trump Claims Support of Gun Measures. But Gun Control?

Brazilian Football Match Halted as Players Start Brawling

Canada, Israel, and Refugees

Dan Hannan, Brexit, and Northern Ireland

Five Women Killed in Church Attack in Dagestan, Russia

Thought for the Day DLXXXIX

Foo Fighters: Learn To Fly

Protests in Ukraine

Macron's Plummeting Popularity

Florida Survivors Plan to March on Washington

On Brendan Cox's Resignation

Thought for the Day DLXXXVIII

16 Strings Quartet: Isn't She Lovely

The Potential Problems of Settling in Ireland

Henry Bolton Sacked

Lizzy Yarnold Wins Gold for Britain

Latest Developments on the US Russia Investigation

Izzy Atkin Wins Bronze at the Winter Olympics

Thought for the Day DLXXXVII

Queen: All Dead, All Dead

Ramaphosa Invokes Mandela

May and Merkel Meet to Discuss Security

The US Gun Laws. Just Imagine..

Die Welt Reporter to be Freed From Turkish Prison

Oxfam Director Promises Justice for Victims

Thought for the Day DLXXXVI

Rag n'Bone Man: Human

Steve Bannon Likely To Be Held in Contempt

Trump Calls for an End To Inaction Over Gun Violence

The Stagnation of UK Politics

Anglicans Urged To Cut Plastic For Lent

Poland Starts Enforcing It's Law Regarding World War II Death Camps

Life Expectancy Gap Widening Between Rich and Poor

Thought for the Day DLXXXV

Diana Krall: Night and Day

On the School Massacre in Parkland, Florida

RIP Morgan Tsvangirai

Zuma Resigns

American Jewish Leaders to Visit the UAE

On the Failure of the Recent Stormont Talks

Boris Johnson, Brexit, and Reaching Out

The Liberal Democrats. Thirty Years On

Thought for the Day DLXXXIV

The Beatles: Don't Let Me Down

Trump Has Not Kept His White House in Order

Dinner With My Heroes: Lisa Rullsenberg

Netanyahu Faces Corruption Charges

Peru Hopes Anti Corruption Law Will Help Investment in Pipeline

ANC Decide Zuma Must Go

Kim Jong-Un Talks of Warmth With South Korea

Commonwealth Apparently To Discuss Succession Plans

Thought for the Day DLXXXIII

Niftified: We Have All the Time in the World

Boris Johnson and the Rohingya

On the Australian High Commissioner Saying Australia Would Trade With a Post Brexit UK

Merkel on the Need for Younger Ministers in German Government

Why Will Twitter Not Allow Links To My Blog?

Canada Gets Winter Olympics Gold in Skating

Helicopter Crash in Grand Canyon

Thought for the Day DLXXXII

The Beatles: Something

Dinner With My Heroes

Macron and Talk of "Reorganisation of Islam"

The Road to Brexit

Trump and His Comments About Allegations Ruining Lives

Plane Crash Near Moscow. All On Board Killed

Ramaphosa Promises Power Transition

Oxfam, Other Charities, and Moral leadership

Thought for the Day DLXXXI

Carly Simon: You're So Vain

Martin Schulz Not Taking Up Ministerial Role

Ireland 56 Italy 19

Second Trump Aide Quits

Call for Islamic State Duo to be Tried at The Hague

Thought for the Day DLXXX

David Groeneveld: Kepping the Dream Alive

Barnier's Warning Over Brexit Transition

Trump Defends Rob Porter

Poland and The Consequences of It's Holocaust Law

Rob Porter and White House Vetting

Blip in UK Shares

Thought for the Day DLXXIX

Pharell Williams: Happy