No Candidate for Labour's General Secretary from Labour's Right or Centre?

In 1976, in the first ballot of Labour MP's voting for Harold Wilson's successor for Labour leader and Prime Minister, Denis Healey got a derisory 30 votes. Fifth out of sixth place. Two Candidates who got more votes than him, Roy Jenkins and Tony Benn, pulled out. But Healey continued, knowing he would lose, but making a statement of future intent. In the second ballot, Healey got eight more votes and was knocked out of the contest.
I mention this because in the current ballot to replace Iain McNicol as Labour's General Secretary, just two names have been mentioned. Unite's Jennie Formby and Momentum's Jon Lansman. No name mentioned from the Right of the Labour Party.
It goes without saying such a candidate would not win in the current climate, but a statement of future intent must be made. Labour will not always be Corbyn dominated, and in any case for the Right of the Party to be silent will not earn it respect or support.


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