Oxfam Director Promises Justice for Victims

Winnie Byanyima has made some important and credible points, and it would be to Oxfam's credit if they are able to carry them through, but I am starting to wonder if Oxfam can survive this as an organisation. It has had a week of wall to wall deserved criticism with no public calls from them until now on how they will tackle this.
It is important to bear in mind that Oxfam is going through something which is part of a wider problem. The hard right, who always sneer at third world aid and helping refugees, conveniently forget or ignore the fact that many institutions across the social board, institutions that involve power over people in potentially vulnerable situations, are suffering similar problems. As a society as a whole, the question is not about whether we help the Third World, but rather what are we going to do to prevent the nastier elements in our society from getting into positions of power where they want to go about abusing others


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