The US Gun Laws. Just Imagine..

Some years ago I read a thought provoking piece regarding the culmination of the IRA Bombing campaign in London in 1974/75. On 23rd October of that year, Professor Gordon Hamilton Farley, a renowned cancer specialist, passed a parked car while walking in a London Street. Something must have caught his attention, because he must have leant against the car, because it then exploded, killing him instantly. The car belonged to Sir Hugh Fraser, a Conservative MP. If Hamilton Farley had not touched the car, then Sir Hugh, his wife, the writer Lady Antonia Fraser, and a guest staying with them, Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of the late US President, John F. Kennedy, would likely have been killed. The attack was the last straw for the Co Editor of the Guinness Book of Records, Ross McWhirter, who help lead a campaign to raise £50,000 for the capture of the terrorists responsible. These terrorists responded by turning up at his home and shooting him dead on the doorstep.
The piece I read pointed out how many lives would have been spared had the bombing campaign not taken place, or if the terrorists had been caught early. Not just those directly caught up in these events, but how many cancer sufferers would have lived, at least a little longer, but for Hamilton Farley's death. Twenty One people officially died because of this gang. The indirect consequences mean that the figure is probably considerably higher.
It occurred to me that you could put a similar point regarding the gun issue in the US. Some will argue that gun control goes against the Second Amendment, but there are already some gun control laws in some states, if ineffective, and the Second Amendment regarded a militia, not individuals.
Imagine if in the late 1950s, President Eisenhower, or the US Congress of the day, put in a law on gun control and it passed. Not only would President Kennedy have lived considerably longer, ditto Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and John Lennon (and think how that would have changed history), but how many families of schoolchildren and convenience store workers killed, did not suffer the fallout and the consequences. How many scientists, writers, politicians, who would have made a positive contribution to American life never got the chance, because they were gunned down early on. Yes history is littered with such What If's.. but surely our moral duty is to help ensure such acts of evil do not happen


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