Thought for the Day DLXXXIII

Chapter 3 of St Matthew's Gospel tells of John the Baptist preaching repentance and proclaiming the coming of the Messiah. His lifestyle was different to Christ and his disciples. John was essentially a hermit, where Christ travelled among the people. John did not drink alcohol and ate wild locusts and honey. Christ and his disciples eat the general food of the time and occasionally drank wine. Differences such as these among people does not equate to them not following the same journey and not having the same aims
John also was so in awe of Christ he refused to baptise him, saying it should be the other way around. But Christ's baptism, as a herald to the start of his ministry, was vital. It shows Christ's natural humility, but also John's.
In our lives, we need to accept diffrences where possible and where no harm is done. We also need to go about our lives with a mixture of humility and determination


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