Deadline Passes With No Adequate Response from Russia Over Poisoning

Sadly not surprising, and the Russian government being bullish and not treating the UK complaint as seriously as it should. If they are innocent, they should ask why we think they are responsible or have had a security breach instead of reacting the way they have. What measures the PM will put forward is debateable, but it may well involve explusion of some diplomats, and, as argued by Labour and potentially quite effective, hit them in their UK wallet, and that means taking on some of the oligarchs. Removing Russia Today's licence to broadcast is another consideration, but that will only work if it is conclusively proven they are simply a propoganda piece for the Russian government. There is also a call from some quarters to boycott the World Cup and I have major sympathy with that argument. Some give good reasons why not, not least that it would be ineffective and potentially counter productive, but it would be a bit strange turning up at a tournament after the accusations we have made regarding their hosts


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