Corbyn Facing Calls to Give Labour Party Members a Greater Say Over Brexit

It is not that often you will see me readily agreeing with Momentum, but on this issue I certainly do. Over the past three years we have seen the Labour Party fractured and divided in ways that have caused distress and anger among many on both sides, but if there is one major issue that unites many from Progress to Momentum, it is on Europe and the desire to avoid a hard Brexit.
The referendum result is accepted, but at times it feels like Labour's policy on Brexit is not clear enough and certainly there is an argument for a second referendum when the terms are negotiated between the government and the EU. But what would help a great deal is if Labour makes it's own internal decision on Brexit that respects the Referendum, but also defines the terms in a way that unites all concerned and answers the fears of those who firmly voted Remain. It will be tricky, it may take a long while, but I believe it to be possible


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