Dozens Killed in Gaza as US Embassy Opens in Jerusalem

Even by the standards of the usual events in Gaza, and the sense of foreboding one had with the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, this was some shock. Both sides will be quick to blame the other and while there is some blame to be given to both sides, Israel bears some responsibility for using a heavier reaction than they could have done, and the US for being, well undiplomatic regarding the placing of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. 
Every aggressive response creates an aggressive response in turn. I appreciate there are some on both sides who are happy and comfortable with that because the end of Palestinian self determination or Israel being wiped off the map are their respective aims. But such aims are wrong and that will not happen without brutal conflict that will damage everyone else let alone themselves. Goading each other and responding with aggressin needs to cease, for the sake of stability if nothing else


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