Missions: A Review

So last night I settled down to watch the first two episodes of the French TV Sci Fi Series, Missions, about a Franco/Swiss mission to Mars in the near future.
It felt implusible on some level. An unethical psychoanalysit who tells of her findings and sleeps with the Ship's Captain, the Captain having a wife also among the crew. A Swiss billionaire financier who slurps hot drinks to annoying degrees, and an emotionally needy technician among them. Oh and apparently Vladimir Koramov, the real-life Soviet Cosmonaut who was killed on re-entry after orbiting the Earth back in 1967. It is tense, with a hint of the supernatural, and with nods to 2001 and Aliens, and while it has it's cliches and implausibilities, it is rather compelling to watch and am looking forward to the next eight episodes


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