On Labour Demanding PM Condemn Orban

You know what I am going to say here don't you!
On one level, yes the Labour leadership is right, the Prime Minister should and must condemn Orban's demagogery in Hungary, it's Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism. But this gets to a painful point. The Prime Minister is guilty of double standards when she attacks Labour over Anti-Semitism in the House of Commons, but then there are double standards when the Labour leadership make this demand for censure, when they seem to refuse to do anything other than the casual flick of a finger against Anti-Semites within the Labour Party
Never a good idea to criticise other people for their untidy houses if your own house is untidy and you are not making every effort to clear up, and if you think that I am wrong in that assesment, why has the Labour leadership refused to criticise Mark Serwotka?


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