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Alessi Brothers: Oh Lori

Is Norway The Way Out For The UK?

Poland's Centenary

Kanye West Distancing Himself From Politics

The Camerawoman Who Kicked Migrants in Hungary Is Aquitted

George Osborne on Newsnight

Asia Bibi Aquitted in Pakistan Blasphemy Case

Thought for the Day DCCCXLII

Queen: We Will Rock You (Live)

Merkel's Leaving Will Not Change Much. One Hopes

The Lion Air Jet Aircrash

Space Probe Goes Closer To Sun Than Any Other Man Made Object

Donald Trump and the Pittsburgh Shooting

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U2: One

On The Argument That Canada Can Handle It's Recession

Survivors Tell of Synagogue Shooting

Merkel, German Elections, Bolsonaro, and Brazil

Thought for the Day DCCCXL

Celtic Woman: Amazing Grace

Canadian Mayoral Election and Local Referendum Results

France, Germany, Russia, Turkey Make Joint Ceasefire Statement On Syria

Chancellor Says There Will Be New Budget If No Deal Brexit

Victims of Pittsburgh Attack Named

On The Parliamentary Disgraces That Are Chris Williamson and Jenny Tonge

Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha in Helicopter Crash

Thought for the Day DCCCXXXIX

Queen: Leaving Home Ain't Easy

UEFA States Romania Should Play The Next Match Behind Closed Doors, Due to Fans Racist Behaviour

Shooting at Pittsburgh Synagogue. Eleven Dead!

Irish Exit Polls. Blasphemy Law Scrapped. Higgins For Second Term as President

Sir Philip Green Complains About Hain Naming Him In Lords

Thought for the Day DCCCXXXVIII

Queen: Don't Try So Hard

France Falls Foul of EU Budget

Khashoggi's Son Arrives in US

Trump Mulling Over Closing Southern Border To Migrants

Irish Presidential Election

Needle "Prank" in Sydney

Ethiopia Elects It's First Female President

Thought for the Day DCCCXXXVI

Queen: Cool Cat

Norway's Crown Princess Admits To Chronic Lung Disease

China Says Trump Should Dump iPh Over Bugging Claim

Peter Hain Names Philip Green In #MeToo Scandal

Theresa May Faces Down Tory Opponents

Trump, the Media, and Pipe Bombs

Wearing Poppies and Remembrance Day/Sunday

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Queen: Innuendo

Explosives Sent to Soros, the Clintons, and Barack Obama

Top Twenty Favourite Places

Dyson Opens Electric Car Factory in Singapore

Queen Looks To New Partnership With Europe

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Queen: One Year of Love

Richard Beckinsale and the Mural

Norwegian Police Close File On Helicopter Crash

EU Reject Italy's Budget. Told To Go Back And Start Again

German Dax Suffers Difficulties

Racism and Ryanair

Trump Says He Will Build Up US Nuclear Arsenal

Turkey Says It Will Reveal "Naked Truth" Regarding Khashoggi's Death

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Queen:20th Century Fox Fanfare

Earthquakes Off Vancouver Coast

France Launching New Investigation Into Babies Born With Stunted Limbs

RIP Joachim Ronneberg

South Korea and United States Diverge Over North Korea

Theresa May's Opponents and Political Language

Russia and US Nuclear Tensions

Saudis Admit Khashoggi Was Murdered

Thought for the Day DCCCXXXII

Queen: These Are The Days Of Our Lives

My Week in Ireland and Brexit

UAE Backs Saudi King's Comments Over Khashoggi's Death

Saudis Admit Khashoggi Death

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Queen: Some Day One Day

Jair Bolsonaro Courts Evangelical Vote

Turkey Searches Forest For Khashoggi Remains

Euro/Japanese Probe Heading for Mercury

Peter Casey Considers Withdrawing From Irish Presidential Race

Thought for the Day DCCCXXX

Van Morrison: Days Like This

Oxford Conservatives Overturn Bullingdon Club Ban

France and Germany Draw Up No Deal Brexit Contingency Plans

Jamal Khashoggi's Last Column Published

Thought for the Day DCCCXXIX

Weezer: Buddy Holly

Norway Apologises Over Mistreatement of Wartime "German Girls"

Assault and a Momentum Meeting

British Academic Charged With Spying By United Arab Emirates

Following Rocket Attack. Israel Closes Border With Gaza

IMF Chief Cancels Middle East Trip With Stop in Saudi Arabia

Irish Presidential Candidate Peter Casey's Comments On Travellers

Thought for the Day DCCCXXVIII

Macron's Government Reshuffle

Greens To Make Major Make Gains in Bavarian Elections