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City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra: A Man Alone (The Ipcress File Theme)

Rapid Rise in Scottish People Applying for Irish Citizenship

On Rail Fares Rising By 3.1%

Thought for the Day DCCCLXXI

Billy Joel: Piano Man

Michael Cohen Admits Lying To Congress

May Threatens No Deal Brexit If Her Brexit Bill Does Not Go Through

Security Fears Over No Deal Brexit

Thought for the Day DCCCLXX

George Michael: Praying for Time

Norway Looking at Prospect of Britain Joining EFTA

According to the Bank of England Governor. No Deal Brexit Could Sink the UK into a Recession

RIP Harry Leslie Smith

Thought for the Day DCCCLXIX

Kana Entertainment: Come And Get Your Love

Doctor Who Series 11 To Mid Season

On May's Brexit Deal

On UKIP MEP Patrick O'Flynn Defecting To The SDP

On Shifting Ties Between US and Germany

Mueller States That Manafort Lied To FBI After Plea Bargain

Sir Michael Fallon Says May's Brexit Deal Is Doomed. And It Is.

Thought for the Day DCCCLXVIII

The Beatles: Rocky Raccoon

Succesful Landing for Mars InSight Spacecraft

Matthew Hedges Pardoned

Theresa May: Back Me Or Get Swept Aside

Postion Of Rail Complaints Ombudsman Announced

Mexico To Deport Group Among Migrant Caravan Who Tried To Storm Border

On The Increasing Hothouse That Is Russia V Ukraine Over Crimea

Thought for the Day DCCCLXVII

Tolga Kashif: Queen Symphony (Who Wants To Live Forever/Save Me)

Macron Addressing Fuel Grievances

Brexit Deal Agreed By EU Leaders

On Conservative Euroskeptic MP, John Hayes, Given a Knighthood

Thought for the Day DCCCLXVI

Ozzy Osbourne: How?

DUP Threatens To Revisit Confidence and Supply Deal With Conservatives

Thought for the Day DCCCLXV

The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra: Ravel's Bolero

The Growing Cesspit Within UKIP

The Public and May's Brexit Deal

Thought for the Day DCCCLXIV

The Bangles: Eternal Flame

Why a Second Referendum Could Help Save the UK

The Endurance Expedition

Matthew Hedges' Wife Speaks Out!

Chief Justice Roberts and the "Obama Judge" jibe from Trump

The Annual Christmas Tree from Norway

Chris Williamson and Labour Students

Thought for the Day DCCCLXIII

Queen: Doing All Right

Harry Leslie Smith

Thanksgiving and what I'd say to a Republican

Rees-Mogg, The Man Who Thinks He Is Kingmaker

A Question To Trump Supporters. Do You Care?

Russia Fails To Get Interpol Presidency

Thought for the Day DCCCLXII

Julian Lennon and Stephen Emmer: Sleep For England

Should UK Go For Proportional Representation

Germany Halts Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia!

But Ivanka's emails!

Spain Threatens To Vote No On Brexit Deal

On The DUP's Warning To Theresa May

Thought for the Day DCCCLXI

Gallagher and Lyle: I Wanna Stay With You

The Fianna Fail Ard Fheis of 1971. What We Can Learn!

When Canada Said No To The UK!

Labour and Me. Three Months On From Almost Leaving

May's Brexit Plan. PM Seeks Business Support

Thought for the Day DCCCLX

Yann Tiersen: La Valse d'Amelie

Assaults in France's "Yellow Vest" Protest Goes Up To 400

Brexit Still Here, No Matter Who Is Leader

Thought for the Day DCCCLIX

Blog Parish Notice


Poland's Centenary March

Rolls Royce and Contingency Plans