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Thought for the Day MCXXVII

The 5th Dimension: Living Together, Growing Together

Johnson Pushes for New Brexit Deal with Macron and Merkel

Thought for the Day MCXXVI

London Symphony Orchestra: Mendelssohn Overture 'The Hebrides'

Fears of Return to Troubles in Northern Ireland

Thought for the Day MCXXV

Further Problems in Zimbabwe

North Korea Will Not Talk To South Korea

Latest Polls Translated Into Parliamentary Seats

According to Jo Swinson, Clarke and Harman are Both Open to Caretaker Premiership

Israel Bars Two Members of US Congress

Thought for the Day MCXXIV

Arron Banks And His Comments About Greta Thunberg

Rules Broken by Trudeau in SNC-Lavalin Affair, According to Ethics Tsar

Corbyn Calls for No Confidence and for National Unity Government

Thought for the Day MCXXIII

The Doobie Brothers: Long Train Running

Guinness World Records and Turkmenistan

Nancy Pelosi Lays It Straight on Brexit

Sneering As To Why Some People Are Now Voting Liberal Democrat. Not A Good Idea

Chris Williamson Sues Labour

Thought for the Day MCXXII

Amy Dickson: Pavene

German Economic Slowdown

John Bolton: "UK First In Line For Trade Deal"

Thought for the Day MCXXI

Queen: We Are The Champions

Farage and the Royal Family

The Canada/China Dispute Continues

Universal Pictures Pulls The Hunt From Release

Putin and Pro Putin Bikers in the Crimea

Twelve Villages

Thought for the Day MCXX

Queen: 39

Britain Has Rarely Understood Ireland

Trump Says Talks on Gun Control Are "Under Way"

Thought for the Day MCXIX

The Beatles: Here Comes The Sun

Latest Polls Translated Into Parliamentary Seats

Corbyn Aiming For No Confidence Motion and Aiming Against No Deal Brexit

Thought for the Day MCXVIII

Yo-Yo Ma: Bach: Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, Prélude

Row Over Second Indy Referendum in Scotland

Thought for the Day MCXVII

John Barry: Enigma

Jewish Voice for Labour Probably Trying To Interfere in EHRC Investigation

Toni Morrison 1931-2019

Trump To Visit Dayton and El Paso

Texas Police Apologise Regarding Black Suspect Being Led On Rope By Police Officers On Horseback

Thought for the Day MCXVI

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra: Nimrod

It Seems "Snow White" Did Exist!

Obama's Call for Americans To Reject Leaders Who Stoke Hatred

EU Officials Say There Is No Basis For Further Talks

Thought for the Day MCXV

Jasper Orchestra: Danny Boy

Canadian Shipwrecks Being Cleared of World War II Explosives

Trump Condemns Texas and Ohio Shootings

Thought for the Day MCXIV

The Beatles: In My Life

The French Police and the Gilets Jaunes

Mass Shooting in Texas

Thought for the Day MCXIII

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra: Neptune

Northern Ireland, Sinn Fein, and Stopping Brexit

Reagan's Racist Slur

Thought for the Day MCXII

CARisMA Guiar Duo: Cavatina

Westminster Polling Intention Translated Into Parliamentary Seats

Conservatives Lose the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election

Bank of England Governor Warns of "Instant Shock" of No Deal Brexit

Thought for the Day MCXI