Bastani and Anti-Semitism

The narrative of prominent people involved with the Labour Party and it's inability to deal in even simple ways with the corrosive issue of anti-semitism, takes some interesting twists and turns. Recently we saw Emily Thornberry's woefully pathetic defence of Corbyn's failure to deal with anti-semitism within the Labour Party, leading to a Jewish Chronicle article stating that Thornberry is not the right person to succeed Corbyn. Now we have Aaron Bastani, a spokesperson for the Corbynista wing of the Labour Party, defending anti-Semites. When challenged, does he do any self reflection or research of his own, no he attacks his critics as having links with the Conservatives, leading the Jewish Labour Movement to give an uncharacteristic harsh, albeit correct, and direct rebuttal to Bastani
Thing is, it does not matter who the sources are or what their aim is so much as to whether the accusation is true. If it is false then Bastani must not only say so but prove it, but then there is the problem that the source is clearly anti-Semitic for all and sundry to see. Bastani and his supporters, yes that does include you Owen Jones, are therefore guilty at best, of putting tribal loyalty before the facts and are doing damage to the Labour Party. From the Twitter feed I have indirectly linked to it looks like something is going to be done about the anti-Semitic incidences in question, Bastani had better revaluate his position and start making apologies


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