BBC Question Time in Derby

So on Thursday night I was watching BBC Question Time. As always at the moment regarding anything to do with Brexit it was fractious, but what shocked and disgusted me, yes disgusted because I am finding it hard to accept that people would want such a thing, is that the audience through their claps and cheers whenever it was mentioned, clearly wanted a No Deal Brexit. A scenario which would rip apart their businesses and economy and they cannot seem to understand that and how, which to many of us who are against a No Deal Brexit is patently obvious
Where do we go from here? Because if the British public vote for anything like a No Deal in a People's Vote, if that would be on the ballot paper, then I am tempted to argue against a referendum. A No Deal would make us one of the poorest countries in Europe and would leave us beholden to other countries for trade with no say on our part. That's what going for WTO means.
How we get out of this I do not know, but what I do know is that any decision made will anger many in this country because no one wants to compromise, and yet compromise we must if we are to get out of this. If it means a coalition government, so be it, if it means accepting the Norway model, so be it, but compromise we must. If no one wants to compromise, if we are headed for a No Deal Brexit because that is what this country wants, then perhaps we should all emigrate?


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