Lyra McKee

Last night, terrorism in Northern Ireland claimed it's first victim for a no of years, journalist Lyra McKee. Lyra was 30 years old, was at primary school age when the Good Friday agreement took place, lived her whole life hardly experiencing the Troubles first hand. Then this happened, twenty one years after the Good Friday agreement, on Good Friday 2019 we see the very real fear of the Troubles returning to Northern Ireland.
On some levels, what goes on in Northern Ireland is personal where I am concerned. Rachel is half Northern Irish, my mother in law grew up on the Fountain Estate in Derry/Londonderry. The Provisional IRA fired at the First Presbyterian Church while my in laws where getting married inside back in 1972, as a result when Martin McGuinness died I was in two minds. I know of him as the man who was the IRA Commander in that city in 1972, and yet I also recognise him as the man who helped bring peace to Northern Ireland and that both he and Ian Paisley were prepared to work alongside each other to that end. As a result I regard Northern Ireland as a precious land where great care must be taken in maintaining peace and stability, and that we must never take peace there for granted. I just hope that this morning, many British and Irish people have awoken to this news, being very aware of that and working hard to help see and bring peace and reconciliation to the Province and that UK/Irish relations always need stability


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