Plan to Involve HM the Queen in Blocking No Deal Brexit

King George V ascended the throne in 1910, right in the middle of a constitutional crisis, involving significant reform of the House of Lords. He was asked to create a significant no of Peers to achieve this. The King initally refused, pointing out to the then Prime Minister, Herbert Asquith, that it was not the King's duty to intervene in political affairs, so surely should the Prime Minister not intervene in the King's work!
It was perhaps not the best constructed argument, and reform of the Lords was badly needed, but on one level, George V was spot on. It is never a good idea to involve the monarch in politics. The monarch needs to be politically savvy and aware, and sometimes offer confidential advice, but not to get his or her hands dirty in the muck that is politics.
So it is that some want to involve the Queen in a plan to avoid a No Deal Brexit, should Johnson ignore Parliament. I appreciate their motives, I appreciate they feel desperate, I appreciate these are difficult and unprecedented times, but I have a feeling Her Majesty will not be at all happy about this and I hope this plan has been thought through very, very, carefully. As patriots, we need to only plan such things as a last resort when all other options are ruled out, and I am not sure all other options have been


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