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Ennio Morricone: The Untouchables (End Title)

Kings and Queens of the British Isles: William I (The Lion)

Four Week Lockdown for the UK

Sean Connery 1930-2020

Denial of Entry for Over 1000 People at Ports in the Republic of Ireland

Announcement This Afternoon on Potential UK Lockdown

Biden and Trump Concentrate on Midwest

Belgium's Return to National Lockdown

Muslims Holding Anti-France Rallies Worldwide

Thought for the Day MDXXIX

Bob Dylan: Gotta Serve Somebody

On This Day in History: 1817, Simon Bolivar Becomes Third President of Venezuela

On This Day in History: 1938, CBS Radio Broadcasts The War of the Worlds and Causes Panic

On This Day in History: 1905, Tsar Nicholas II Issues "October Manifesto"

Len McCluskey's Questionable Assertion That Corbyn Suspension Will Cost Labour the Next Election

Terrorist Attacker Who Killed in Church in France, Travelled from Tunisia Days Before

The Front Line for Armenia and Azerbaijan

Thought for the Day MDXXVII

Julian Lennon: Saltwater

On This Day in History: 1998, John Glenn Becomes The Oldest Person in Space

Jeremy Corbyn Suspended from Labour

Cross Party Group of MP's and Peers Take Legal Action Against PM Over His Refusal to Investigate Russian Meddling

EHRC: Labour Made Three Breaches of the 2010 Equality Act

Trump Eschews Responsibility Over Lockdowns

Stabbing Attack in Nice

Second National Lockdown in Germany and France

Family Who Died in English Channel Were From Iran

Thought for the Day MDXXVI

Chris Rea: Fool If You Think It's Over

Mars Hill Blog's US Election Night: America's Decision 2020

On This Day in History: 1958, Papal Conclave Elects Cardinal Roncalli (John XXIII) as Pope

It is To Early to Judge How Our Christmases Will Be

Last Week of the US Election Campaign

World Health Organisation: Coronavirus Daily Death Toll in Europe Risen by 40% This Week

Four Migrant Deaths in the English Channel Yesterday

Thought for the Day MDXXV

Bruce Springsteen: Hungry Heart

The Previous Ten US Presidents 1961-2017

Kings and Queens of the British Isles: William III (II of Scotland)

Merkel: Germany Faces a Difficult Few Months Ahead Battling the Coronavirus

Conservative MP's to Boris Johnson: Don't Ignore the North

Baroness Lawrence: Covid has Thrived on Racial Discrimination

Amy Coney Barrett Elected to the Supreme Court

Protests Against Covid Restrictions in Italy

Covid, the Czech Republic, and What Went Wrong!

Thought for the Day MDXXIV

Paul McCartney: Temporary Secretary

US Presidents: Barack Obama

On This Day in History: 1774, Conclusion of First Continental Congress

Canadian Green Party leader Faces Election to Parliament

Government Need to Rethink on Free School Meals During Holidays

Trump Chief of Staff Effectively Says White House has Given Up on the Pandemic

Boycott of French Products in Middle East

National Strike in Belarus

Another Ceasefire Between Armenia and Azerbaijan Broken

Thought for the Day MDXXIII

Paul McCartney: Maybe I'm Amazed

On This Day in History: 1854, The Charge of the Light Brigade

Mike Pence Continues Campaigning Despite Covid Diagnosis of Aide

Trump, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Trump's lack of Diplomacy

Erdogan Vs Macron

Thought for the Day MDXXII

Paul McCartney: Coming Up

Kings and Queens of the British Isles: Robert III

Ireland: No Border Poll for Five Years

Christmas and Covid

On Trump Saying he is the Least Racist President Since Lincoln

Emmanuel Macron: The Coronavirus Will Last Until Next Summer

Poland's President Catches Coronavirus

Thought for the Day MDXXI

Paul McCartney: Every Night

On This Day in History: 1642, The Battle of Edge Hill

On This Day in History: 42 BC, The Battle of Philippi

Sunak Unveils Scheme for Government to Pay Half of Wages

My Response to the Biden/Trump Debate

Thought for the Day MDXX

W.G. Snuffy Walden: West Wing Theme

Pre Biden/Trump Debate Discussion

On This Day in History: 1836, Sam Houston Becomes 1st President of the Republic of Texas

EU/Brexit Talks Resume

Iran, Russia, and the US Elections

Poland's Top Court to Rule on Almost Total Abortion Ban

Thought for the Day MDXIX

São Paulo Symphony Orchestra: Fanfare for the Common Man

US Presidents: George W. Bush

On This Day in History: 1805, French and Spanish Fleet Defeated at the Battle of Trafalgar

Labour Urges "One Nation" Deal for Restricted Areas

Trump Continues to Harass Gretchen Whitmer

New York Times Claims Trump Has Bank Account in China

Jamal Khashoggi's Widow to Sue Saudi Crown Prince

Thought for the Day MDXVIII

Johnny Pearson: Heavy Action

Kings and Queens of the British Isles: William I (The Conqueror)

McCluskey, Abbott, Mendoza, and Labour

The Final Biden/Trump Debate. Microphones to be Muted

Rapid High Increase in Coronavirus Cases in Belgium

Germany Investing to Improve It's Ventilation Systems

Thought for the Day MDXVII

Paul McCartney: This One

The Territory in Canada With No Covid Cases

US Presidents: Bill Clinton

On This Day in History: 1922, Conservative MP's End Lloyd George Coalition Government

Government Tells Businesses to Prepare for New EU Relationship

The US Election and the Environment

Surge of Coronavirus in Italy. Rules Tightened

Thought for the Day MDXVI

Stevie Wonder ft Gary Clark Jr: Where Is Our Love Song

Kings and Queens of the British Isles: Robert II

Manchester and Covid Lockdown

Covid Curfew Enforced in French Cities

New Truce Agreed Between Armenia and Azerbaijan Violated