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John Williams: (Star Wars) Imperial Attack

On This Day in History: 1782, First Draft of the Treaty of Paris

Kerry-Anne Mendoza Suspended from Twitter

Shops to Open 24 Hrs Per Day Over Festive Period

Mass Exports of Prescription Drugs Banned in Canada

Fauci Warns of Post Thanksgiving Covid "Surge in Cases"

German Festive Market Tradition Saved by Drive Thru Market

Thought for the Day MDLIX

Beedle the Bardcore: Carol of the Bells

Culture Secretary Calls for The Crown to Carry Fiction Warning

On This Day in History: 1929, Richard Byrd Becomes First Person to Lead Flight Expedition to South Pole

Starmer's Q and A Session at the Jewish Labour Movement Conference

Appeal Court Dismisses Team Trump's Lawsuit in Pennsylvania

Clashes Between Police and Protesters in Paris

Thought for the Day MDLVIII

The Clash: London Calling

On This Day in History: 1943, Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin Meet in Tehran

Covid Restrictions on Religious Services Blocked by US Supreme Court

Ireland to Reopen Shops and Other Outlets Next Week

Macron Expresses "Shame" at Racist Police Attack

Belarus: Lukashenko Hints at Departure

Thought for the Day MDLVII

Boston Civic Symphony: Prokofiev's Lieutenant Kije Suite Op 60

The Famous Guests at a Christmas Dinner Party - Breakfast

On This Day in History: 1975, Guinness Book of Records Co-Editor, Ross McWhirter, Assassinated by the IRA

On This Day in History: 25AD Emperor Guangwu Declares Luoyang Capital of Eastern Han Dynasty

Families Warned Not to Hug and Kiss Elderly Relatives During Christmas Holidays

Trump Says he Will leave Office if Electoral College Elect Biden

Police Officers in Paris Suspended over Beating of Black Music Producer

Thought for the Day MDLVI

Parish Notice

Paul McCartney: (I Want To) Come Home

On This Day in History: 1965, Launch of France's First Satellite

On This Day in History: 1863, President Lincoln Declares Thanksgiving Day to be Every Thursday in November

Trump's Pardons

Biden's Thanksgiving Speech

Germany Looking for EU Deal to Keep Ski Resorts Closed Until January

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya's Stand

Thought for the Day MDLV

Aimee Mann: Nobody Does It Better

James Bond Discussion

Diego Maradona 1960-2020

BBC Question Time and Low Ratings

On This Day in History: 1952, The Opening of The Mousetrap in the West End of London

Biden: US Does Not Want Guarded Border on Ireland

France to Ease Covid Restrictions This Weekend

Thought for the Day MDLIV

Henry Mancini: Summer in Gstaad

On This Day in History: 1969, End of Apollo 12 Mission

United Kingdom: Three households allowed to mix for Christmas

Labour Party: Hard Left Members Walk Out of NEC Meeting

Trump Allows Co-Operation With Biden Transition Team

David Dinkins 1927-2020

Many Americans Travelling Home for Thanksgiving

French Police Remove Migrant Camp in Paris

King of Spain Quarantined Over Coronavirus Exposure

Angela Merkel Marks 15 Years in Office

Thought for the Day MDLIII

Queen: We Are the Champions

Second Advertisement for James Bond Discussion Evening on Wednesday

On This Day in History: 1963, First Episode of Doctor Who Broadcast

Toronto Undergoes Second Lockdown

Disarray Among Trump's Team

Merkel's Concerns Regarding Global Availability for Covid 19 Vaccine

Thought for the Day MDLII

Queen: Radio Ga Ga

On This Day in History: 1963, President Kennedy Assassinated

On This Day in History: 1990, Margaret Thatcher Resigns as Prime Minister

France - Scotland Score 12-12

England to Have Strengthened Tier System Once Lockdown is Over

Trump's Lawsuit in Pennsylvania Fails

Patriarch Irinjeh's Funeral Today. Thousands Paying Respects

Thought for the Day MDLI

George Harrison: When We Was Fab

On This Day in History: 1877, Announcement of the Invention of the Phonograph (The Recording and Playing of Sound)

On This Day in History: 1974, the Birmingham Pub Bombings

On This Day in History: 164BC, Judas Maccabeus Restores the Temple in Jerusalem

Brexit, Food Suppliers, and Northern Ireland

Johnson Asked for Patel Report to be "Palatable"

Michigan Backs Biden

Donald Trump Jnr Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Thought for the Day MDL

Netherlands Bach Society: Mass in D Minor

America's Decision 2020: The Aftermath

The Famous Guests at a Christmas Dinner Party - The Night Before

The Famous Guests at a Christmas Dinner Party

On This Day in History: 1917, The Start of the Battle of Cambrai

On This Day in History: 1805, Beethoven's Only Opera, Fidelio, Has It's Premiere in Vienna

Priti Patel and Bullying

Biden Wins Georgia Recount

World Health Organisation: Europe Faces "Six Tough Months" of Covid Pandemic

Macron and "Republican Values"

Serbian Orthodox Patriarch Dies of Covid

Thought for the Day MDXLIX

U2: Pride (In the Name of Love)

On This Day in History: 1863, The Gettysburg Address

Christmas Family Get Togethers Being Considered

Trump Demanding Partial Recount in Wisconsin

Police and Covid Protests in Berlin

The Defiant Belarus Protesters

Thought for the Day MDXLVIII

Emeli Sande: Abide With Me

Advert for Discussing James Bond

Doctor Who is for life (not just for Christmas)

Advertisement on Mars Hill Discussion on the US Election Aftermath

On This Day in History: 1905, Prince Carl of Denmark Becomes King Haakon VII of Norway

Corbyn to Remain Without the Labour Whip

Trump Fires his Cyber Security Chief

Bill Being Backed Granting Putin Immunity from Prosecution

Thought for the Day MDXLVII

James Brown: Living in America

Corbyn Readmitted to the Labour Party

On This Day in History: 1953, the Last Inhabitants of the Blasket Islands, Ireland, Move to the Mainland

Germany and Memory of War

Labour's National Executive to Meet Regarding Corbyn's Suspension

Jacob Rees-Mogg Needs to Rethink Regarding "Virtual Parliament"

The Mess Across America