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Choral Scholars of University College Dublin: Auld Lang Syne

A Short Review of the Year 2020

On This Day in History: 1961, The Start of RTE Television

On This Day in History: 1857, Ottowa Becomes Canada's Capital

Brexit Deal Now Law

Senate Majority leader Rejects $2000 Dollar Aid Cheques for Americans

New Year's Eve Crackdown in France and Calls to Stay in in the UK

Landslide in Norway

Thought for the Day MDXC

Orquestra Académica ULisboa: Carol Symphony

On This Day in History: 1460, the Battle of Wakefield

On This Day in History: 1916, the Murder of Rasputin

Starmer's Dilemma

Congressman-Elect, Luke Letlow, Dies from the Coronavirus

Earthquake in Petrinja

Belarus Protesters Find Fresh Ways of Making Their Point

Fraud Charges Brought Against Alexei Navalny

Death Toll over Covid in Russia Now Admitted to be Three Times Higher Than Initial Government Reports

Thought for the Day MDLXXXIX

Abba: Thank You For The Music

James Bond Spin Offs

On This Day in History: 1170, Thomas a Becket Murdered in Canterbury Cathedral

On This Day in History: 1937, Ireland Adopts a New Constitution

President-Elect Biden Accuses US Defence Department on Obstruction

Spanish Government to Keep Registry of Those Who Refuse Covid Vaccine

German Town Lures Immigrants From UK

Thought for the Day MDLXXXVIII

Bing Crosby and David Bowie: Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy

On This Day in History: 1065, Consecration of Westminster Abbey

On This Day in History: 1836, Founding of the City of Adelaide

Gove Warns of Post Brexit "Bumpy" Period

Ontario Criticised for Pausing Vaccinations During Christmas Holidays

Trump Signs Covid Relief Package

The Shame of the British Skiers and Julia Hartley-Brewer

Thought for the Day MDLXXXVII

Crimson Ensemble: Coventry Carol

On This Day in History: 1978, Spain Becomes a Democracy

Trump's Refusal to Sign Covid Relief Bill Into Law

Mass Vaccination Launched in EU

George Blake 1922-2020

Thought for the Day MDLXXXVI

Lincoln Cathedral Choir: It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

On This Day in History: 1963, The Start of Beatlemania

Met Eireann to Include Northern Ireland

Brexit, "Special Relationships" and Deals

New Strain of Coronavirus Found in One Person in France

Pope Urges Coronavirus Vaccine for All

Navalny Ally Held in Moscow

Thought for the Day MDLXXXV

George Michael: Praying for Time

On This Day in History: 336 AD, Earliest Celebration of Christmas

Mass Vaccinations Begin in Chile, Mexico, and Costa Rica

Thought for the Day MDLXXXIV

A. Dębicz & Ł. Kuropaczewski & J.J. Orliński: Silent Night

Christmas Message for Mars Hill Readers

Television at Christmas

We Have a Brexit Deal

The Famous Guests at a Christmas Dinner Party - The Aftermath

On This Day in History: 1968, Apollo 8 Orbits the Moon

On This Day in History: 1914, the Start of the Christmas Truce

Brexit Deal Apparently Imminent

Trump is Trolling

Christmas with a Difference

Thought for the Day MDLXXXIII

Jack Savoretti: In the Bleak Midwinter

The Famous Guests at a Christmas Dinner Party - After Dinner

On This Day in History: 1986, Completion of First Flight Around the World Without Stopping or Refuelling

On This Day in History: 1688, James II/VII Flees From England

Trump Sees Coronavirus Aid Bill as "Wasteful"

Tit for Tat Sanctions Between Russia and EU Over Alexei Navalny

Thought for the Day MDLXXXII

Katherine Jenkins: O Holy Night

On This Day in History: 1989, Nicole Ceausescu Overthrown

On This Day in History: 1808, Beethoven Premiers his Fifth Symphony, Sixth Symphony, Fourth Piano Concerto, and Choral Fantasy, in Vienna

France and UK Talk on Reopening Borders

New Covid Variant from South Africa. Germany and Switzerland Ban Flights From That Country

Trump Issues Executive Order Recommending that Future Executive Buildings Must be "Beautiful" and in Greek/Roman Style

Thought for the Day MDLXXXI

The Piano Guys: Joy to the World

The Famous Guests at a Christmas Dinner Party - Christmas Pudding

On This Day in History: 1988, Pan Am 103 Flight Destroyed by Bomb Over Lockerbie

On This Day in History: 1995, Bethlehem Goes From Israeli to Palestinian Control

The Brexit Talks Continue

International Covid Blockade Against the UK

Landslide in Iceland

Miss France Runner Up Faces Anti-Semitic Abuse

Thought for the Day MDLXXX

Ringo Starr: Here’s to the Nights

The Famous Guests at a Christmas Dinner Party - The Main Meal

On This Day in History: 1946, Release of the Film, It's a Wonderful Life

On This Day in History: 1192, King Richard the Lionheart is Captured in Austria

Did Macron Break his own Covid Rules?

Pompeo Accuses Russia of Cyber Attack. Trump Downplays It