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On This Day in History: 1944, Operation Market Garden. Airborne Troops Parachute Into the Netherlands

Sir Clive Sinclair 1940-2021

British Company to Send Probe to the Moon in 2024

McCluskey Says Starmer Lacks an Election Winning Vision

Thought for the Day MDCCCXL

The Beatles: Here Comes the Sun

Marks & Spencer Close 11 Stores in France Because of Brexit

On This Day in History: 1810, Start of the Mexican Struggle for Independence

On This Day in History: 1979, Eight People Escape From East Germany to West Germany in a Hot Air Balloon

The Cabinet Reshuffle

All Civilian Astronaut Space Crew Set Off Into Space

Simon Coveney Survives Confidence Vote

Ursula Von Der Leyen Demands EU Military Unity, Independent of NATO

Pope Concerned About Vaccine Hesitancy

North Korea and South Korea Test Missiles Hours Apart

Security Pact Between UK, US, and Australia

Thought for the Day MDCCCXXXIX

Queen: A Kind of Magic (Live)

Afghanistan, Biden, and Trump Supporters

On This Day in History: 1940, Battle of Britain Day

On This Day in History: 1812, Napoleon's Grande Armee Reaches the Kremlin

On This Day in History: 1830, First Notable Railway Fatality

Chinese Ambassador Banned from UK Parliament

Canadian Election Campaign. The Final Week

Thought for the Day MDCCCXXXVIII

Pink Floyd: Lost for Words

On This Day in History: 1911, Russian Prime Minister, Pyotr Stolypin, is Shot

On This Day in History: 1741, Handel Completes his Messiah Oratorio

End of the Fixed Term Parliaments Act

Northern Ireland Protocol and Article 16

Hunger Strikers and the German Elections

Taliban Suspected of Killing Civilians in Panjshir Valley

North Korea Testing Long Range Missiles

Thought for the Day MDCCCXXXVII

Pink Floyd: Coming Back to Life

On This Day in History: 1948, Margaret Chase Smith Elected to US Senate

On This Day in History: 1953, Khrushchev Becomes First Secretary of the USSR Communist Party

On This Day in History: 1971, Lin Biao Killed in Aircraft in Mongolia, While Attempting to Flee China

Patel and Kwarteng Meet Hotel Boss and Two Airline Reps Minus Officials

TUC: More Green Investment or Thousands of Red Wall Jobs at Risk

Should Canadian Conservatives be Concerned About the People's Party of Canada?

Pope Francis Warns Hungarians Against Anti-Semitism

Taliban: Afghan Universities Will be Separated by Gender

Thought for the Day MDCCCXXXVI

Baccara: Yes Sir I Can Boogie

On This Day in History: 1962, President Kennedy Makes a Pledge Regarding the US Sending a Manned Mission to the Moon

On This Day in History: 1848, Switzerland Becomes a Federal State

On This Day in History: 1974, Emperor Haile Selassie Overthrown

No Vaccine Passports in England for Now

Former French Health Minister Under Investigation

Pope Francis Meets Orban

Thought for the Day MDCCCXXXV

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra: Adiago for Strings

On This Day in History: 1973, Military Coup Topples Democratically Elected Government in Chile

Biden's Call for Unity on 20th Anniversary of 9/11

Social Media de Platforming Law Passed by Texas

Fianna Fail TD's Warned of Potential Suspension Regarding Vote of Confidence in Simon Coveney

United Nations Condemn Taliban Crackdown on Protesters

Thought for the Day MDCCCXXXIV

David Gilmour: Today

On This Day in History: 1547, The Battle of Pinkie Cleugh, last Full-Scale Battle Between England and Scotland

Co-Chair of Conservative Party Told Not to Mix Politics and Public Duty

Final Election TV Debate Between Canada's Political leaders

Biden Wants Workers at US Companies to be Vaccinated or Face Weekly Testing

More Evacuations from Afghanistan

Thought for the Day MDCCCXXXIII

The Beatles: Glass Onion

On This Day in History: 1993, the PLO Recognises the State of Israel

On This Day in History: 1513, Battle of Flodden, Last Battle to See a Monarch from the British Isles Die

DUP Threaten to Collapse Stormont Within Weeks Over NI Protocol

Smoke Alarm Triggered on International Space Station

Priti Patel's Plans to Send Migrant Boats Back to France

Canadian General Election TV Debate, and Trudeau is Skewered

Virginia Statue of Robert E. Lee Removed

Most Polluting Solid Fuels to be Removed from Irish Market

Women's Protest in Afghanistan Against All Male Government

Duterte to Run as Vice President of the Philippines

Thought for the Day MDCCCXXXII

ABBA Voulez-Vous

Government Agrees to Drop Key Climate Commitments in Trade Deal With Australia

On This Day in History: 1966, First US Broadcast of Star Trek

On This Day in History: 1935, Senator Huey Long Fatally Shot

Lack of Trust Developing Over Migrants Between UK and France

Texas Controversial Voting Rights Bill Passed

Bolsonaro Tries to Show Authority

Poland’s State of Emergency on Border With Belarus

Taliban Get Their Claws Into Afghanistan

Thought for the Day MDCCCXXXI

Queen: The Hero

The Possible Rise of the SPD

On This Day in History: 1986, Desmond Tutu Becomes Archbishop of Cape Town

On This Day in History: 1978, Bulgarian dissident, Georgi Markov, Injected With Poison Pellet

Texas and Abortion

Two Belarus Opposition leaders Given Long Term Jail Sentences

Thought for the Day MDCCCXXX

ABBA: Under Attack

On This Day in History: 1901, President McKinley of the United States is Shot

On This Day in History: 1642, London's Theatres Close

Covid Vaccine Passports to Shortly Start in England

Canada: Singh Renews Federal Dental Care Pledge

Thought for the Day MDCCCXXIX

Girls Aloud: The Promise

On This Day in History: 1905, the Treaty of Portsmouth Formally Ends the Russo Japanese War

Start of Changes in Relationship Between Europe and the United States?

Clashes in Montenegro Over Installation of Serbian Orthodox leader

Resistance in Afghanistan

Thought for the Day MDCCCXXVIII

Gerry Rafferty: Baker Street

On This Day in History: 1870, Napoleon III is Deposed

Ireland's Record Spending to Tackle Housing Crisis

Fifa to Start Disciplinary Proceedings Against Hungary

Deal Reached Between AstraZeneca and the European Union

Panjshir: The Last Non Taliban Stronghold in Afghanistan

Thought for the Day MDCCCXXVII

ABBA: Don't Shut Me Down

On This Day in History: 1651, Battle of Worcester, last Significant English Civil War Battle

England Football Team Subjected to Racist Abuse While Playing Hungary

Threat of Another Famine in Ethiopia

UK To Try and Resume Evacuations from Afghanistan

Thought for the Day MDCCCXXVI

ABBA: I Still Have Faith in You

On This Day in History: 1945, the Japanese Surrender That Formally Ends World War Two

On This Day in History: 1666, Start of the Great Fire of London

The Return of ABBA

Mark Drakeford and the World Transformed

Labour Staffers May Go On Strike

Trudeau Tanking in Polls

Italian Police Guard Over Threatened Covid Pass Protests

President Zelensky Meets President Biden

The Aftermath of Western Withdrawal from Afghanistan