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Cass Elliot: New World Coming

On This Day in History: 2013, Abdication of Pope Benedict XVI

On This Day in History: 1953, Francis Crick and James Watson Announce to Friends They Have Discovered The Chemical Structure of DNA

On This Day in History: 1986, Assassination of Olaf Palme

Roy Greenslade, the Provisional IRA, and Others

Question Marks Over Andrew Cuomo's Conduct as Governor

Increase in Covid Infections in France and Poland

Germany and the AstraZeneca Vaccine

Thought for the Day MDCXLVIII

Cass Elliot: Make Your Own Kind of Music

On This Day in History: 1860, Abraham Lincoln Makes Momentous Cooper Union Speech

On This Day in History: 1900, Formation of the Labour Party

On This Day in History: 1943, the Rosenstrasse Protests Begin

Anas Sarwar Elected Scottish Labour leader

US Blames Saudi Crown Prince for Khashoggi's Death

Biden Visits Texas

Mary Robinson and Princess Latifa

Thought for the Day MDCXLVII

Stevie Wonder: My Cherie Amour

The Burgin/Allison Discussions: Where is the UK Going as a Country?

On This Day in History: 1909, Kinemacolor, First Successful Colour Movie Process, Shown to the Public for the First Time, in London

On This Day in History: 1815, Napoleon Escapes from Elba

Pence, McConnell, and Others. The Republicans Who Roll Over for Trump

LGBTQ Equality Act Passed by US House of Representatives

Biden Raises Human Rights Issues with Saudi King

The EU and Covid Vaccine Passports

Navanly Moved From Russian Prison

Thought for the Day MDCXLVI

Extreme: More Than Words

Advertisement for Second Discussion/Debate With Andrew Allison: Where is the UK Going as a Nation?

On This Day in History: 1870, Hiram Rhodes Revels Becomes the First African American US Senator

On This Day in History: 1956, Khrushchev Denounces Stalin at the Soviet 20th Party Congress

On This Day in History: 1921, Georgia Falls to the Soviets

On This Day in History: 1986, Marcos is Toppled as Dictator of the Philippines

Lord Fowler to Quit as Lords Speaker

The UK Economy and "Home Truths"

Biden's Covid Economic Stimulus Package

Thought for the Day MDCXLV

On This Day in History: 1848, King Louis Philippe of France Abdicates

US Capitol Security Officers: The Attack on 6th January Was Planned

Daphne Caruana Galizia Suspect Confesses to her Murder

Malaysia Deports Myanmar Citizens

Thought for the Day MDCXLIV

Julio Iglesias: La Mer

On This Day in History: 1455, Publication of the "Gutenberg Bible"

On This Day in History: 1898, Emile Zola is Imprisoned for his J'Accuse Editorial

I Agree With the Government. Gradual Lockdown Easing but Common Sense Too

US Supreme Court: Trump Must Hand Over Tax Returns and Other Financial Records to New York Prosecutors

Continual High Covid Rates in Germany and France

Thought for the Day MDCXLIII

Daft Punk: Something About Us

On This Day in History: 1797, the Last Invasion of Mainland Britain

On This Day in History: 1943, Execution of Three White Rose Resistance Protesters Against Nazi Regime

The Northern Ireland Protocol and It's Future

Canadian from New Brunswick in Texas Ice Storm

Family of Malcolm X Want Investigation Into his Murder Reopened

Thousands of Protesters Defy Military in Myanmar

Those "Polite Fans" at the Australian Open

Thought for the Day MDCXLII

Susi Quatro: The Wild One

Peter Davison and John Lennon

On This Day in History: 1995, Steve Fossett Completes First Solo Flight Across the Pacific in a Balloon

On This Day in History: 1916, The Battle of Verdun Begins

Arbois and Vaccinations

Thought for the Day MDCXLI

Craig Armstrong: Finding Beauty

On This Day in History: 1962, John Glenn Becomes First American to Orbit the Earth

On This Day in History: 1935, Caroline Mikkelsen Becomes the First Woman to Set Foot in Antarctica

Nine More Weeks of Covid Restrictions in Ireland

Navanly Loses Appeal

Anti-Vaccine Protests in Australia

Thought for the Day MDCXL

Carly Simon: It Keeps You Runnin

On This Day in History: 1846, New Texas State Government Officially Installed

Perseverance Rover Lands on Mars

Ted Cruz's Trip to Mexico

Macron: 4-5% of Vaccine Doses Should be Sent to Poorer Countries. UK Makes Similar Pledge

Woman Dies After Being Shot During Protests Against Myanmar Coup

Thought for the Day MDCXXXIX

John Barry: Winning

On This Day in History: 1930, Discovery of Pluto

On This Day in History: 1478, George Duke of Clarence, is Executed

On This Day in History: 1861, Victor Emmanuel II Assumes Title King of Italy

Starmer Proposes Savers Scheme and Plan to Help Small Businesses

The Further Travails of Handforth Parish Council

Rush Limbaugh 1951-2021

Belarus TV Journalists Sentenced to Two Years for Filming Protest

European Court of Human Rights Says Navalny Must be Freed

Thought for the Day MDCXXXVIII

Carly Simon: Nobody Does It Better

The Fellowship of the Ring Film. Twenty Years On

On This Day in History: 1801, Electoral Tie Between Jefferson and Burr Resolved by US House of Representatives

The DUP and the NI Protocol

Joe Biden's Town Hall Event and Donald Trump

Trump Lashes Out at McConnell

Dutch Court Orders End to Government Covid Curfew

Princess Latifa and the UAE

Thought for the Day MDCXXXVII

Pomplamoose: Something About Us

EU Calls for Coordinated Approach After Germany Closes Borders With Tyrol in Austria, and Czech Republic

Trump Impeachment Acquittal

On This Day in History: 1646, The Battle of Torrington, the Last Major Battle of the English Civil War

Independent Commission Set Up to Look Into 6th January Attack on Capitol Building

UN Gives Warning to Myanmar Military

Thought for the Day MDCXXXVI

George Harrison: Here Comes the Moon

On This Day in History: 1971, the UK Goes Decimal

On This Day in History: 1798, French Establishment of the Short Lived "Roman Republic"

Lockdown Sceptic MP's Want Covid Restrictions Ended by May