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Iceland Symphony Orchestra: Mozart's Clarinet Concerto in A Major

On This Day in History: 1968, Lyndon Johnson Announces He Would Not Stand For A Second Full Term As US President

On This Day in History. 1854, Japan Opens Up to the World as Commodore Perry Signs the Convention of Kanagawa

On This Day in History: 1889, Official Opening of the Eiffel Tower

On This Day in History: 1949, Newfoundland Becomes a Part of Canada

Covidiocy Behaviour in Leeds

NATO Intercepted Russian Planes 10 Times on Monday

Thought for the Day MDCLXXIX

John Lennon: Nobody Told Me

BBC Four and it's Future

The Insensitivity of Some Conservative Evangelicals

On This Day in History: 1822, Florida Territory Falls Firmly Under US Jurisdiction

On This Day in History: 1981, Ronald Reagan Survives Assassination Attempt

On This Day in History: 1863, Prince Wilhelm Georg of Denmark Becomes King of Greece

Labour is Right. Cameron's Lobbying for Greensill Should Face Standards Watchdog

Johnson, Macron, and Merkel Among 24 World leaders Calling for International Pandemic Treaty

Lebanon Needs Government

Thought for the Day MDCLXXVIII

Johnny Cash: Hurt

On This Day in History: 1871, Queen Victoria Opens the Royal Albert Hall

Canada's Carbon Neutral Tax to Remain Intact

Two People Returned to Quarantine Hotel in Dublin

Thought for the Day MDCLXXVII

Paul McCartney: (I Want To) Come Home

Conservative Evangelicals and Reckoning

Bolsonaro of Brazil Ordered to Pay Damages to Journalist

Two Escape from Dublin Quarantine Hotel

France Accuses UK of Blackmail Over Vaccines

Myanmar Military leaders Partied While More Massacres Took Place

Thought for the Day MDCLXXVI

Edwin Hawkins Singers: O Happy Day

On This Day in History: 1915, Typhoid Mary Put in Quarantine for a Second Time

The Easing of Lockdown. But...

The Georgia Voting Law and Fox News Facing Lawsuit

Former DUP leader Warns of a Potential Return to Violence in Northern Ireland

Germany Tightens it's Borders

Further Massacre of Protesters by Myanmar Military and Further Resistance

Belarus Banned from Eurovision

Thought for the Day MDCLXXV

London Symphony Orchestra: Theme from Shoestring

The Burgin/Allison Discussions: EU/UK Relations

On This Day in History: 1812, First Use of the Word "Gerrymandering"

EU Does Not Go Ahead With Vaccine Export Ban

China's Sanctions Against UK Peers, MP's, a Lawyer, and an Academic

The Abuse Allegations in Australia's Parliament

Thought for the Day MDCLXXIV

Marvin Hamlisch: Nobody Does It Better (Instrumental)

Advertisement for Third Discussion/Debate With Andrew Allison. UK/EU Relations

On This Day in History: 1655, Discovery of Titan

Vaccine Passports for Pubs

Vice President Harris Tasked to Deal With Southern Border Crisis

Virginia Abolishes the Death Penalty. The First Southern US State to do so

Merkel Reverses Strict Easter Lockdown Plans

Vatican Cardinals Face Pay Cut

Two Ballistic Missiles Have Been Fired at the Sea of Japan by North Korea

Thought for the Day MDCLXXIII

B.J. Thomas: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

On This Day in History: 1944, The Great Escape

Johnson, Covid, Capitalism, and Greed

Israeli Elections: Netanyahu Again Fails to Gain Majority

Russia, China, and Sanctions

US President Biden Does Not Regard Latest Missile Launch by North Korea as "Provocation"

Seven Year Old Killed by Myanmar Police in Raid

Thought for the Day MDCLXXII

George Harrison: Here Comes the Moon

On This Day in History: 1801, Assassination of Tsar Paul I of Russia

Covid Lockdown - One Year On

Ten Killed in a Supermarket Shooting in Colorado

Polish Writer Faces Three Years in Jail for Calling his Country's President "A Moron"

Germany Faces Easter Lockdown

China Faces Sanctions From Canada, EU, UK, and US Over Treatment of Uighur Group

Thought for the Day MDCLXXI

Pomplamoose: Something About Us

On This Day in History: 1995, Valeri Polyakov Returns to Earth After Longest Continuous Stay in Space

David Cameron and his Lobbying Texts to Rishi Sunak

The Riots in Bristol

Trial Begins of Second Canadian in China

Trump Planning his Own Social Media Platform

Johnson Aiming to Prevent EU Blocking Further Distrubution of AstaZeneca Vaccine Going to UK

Turkey Quits International Accord on Stopping Violence Against Women

Erdogan Sacks Turkish Central Bank Governor. Lira Falls 14%

BBC Journalist Released in Myanmar

Thought for the Day MDCLXX

Bill Withers: Lovely Day

On This Day in History: 1800, Pope Pius VII is Crowned With a Paper Mache Tiara

On This Day in History: 1871, Bismark Becomes Chancellor of Germany

Mandelson to Starmer: Begin Policy Review

Six Nations: France Beats Wales

Qantas States That Governments Will Insist That International Travellers Take Vaccines

Thought for the Day MDCLXIX

Nik Kershaw: Wouldn't It Be Good

On This Day in History: 1854, Founding of the US Republican Party

On This Day in History: 1852, Publication of Uncle Tom's Cabin

On This Day in History: 1993, The Warrington Bomb

On This Day in History: 1616, Sir Walter Raleigh is Freed from the Tower of London

Further Anti-Covid Protests in London

Anti-Asian Racism in the US

Ireland Resumes Vaccine Rollout

Increase of Covid Cases in France and Poland

Thought for the Day MDCLXVIII

John Barry: Over and Out

On This Day in History: 2002, Zimbabwe Suspended from the Commonwealth of Nations

On This Day in History: 1649, the House of Lords is Abolished

Sturgeon in Trouble

Putin on Biden's Comments About Him Being "A Killer"

Zoom and the Oscars

AstraZeneca Rollout Resumes in European Countries

Thought for the Day MDCLXVII

Rumer: Slow

On This Day in History: 1965, the First Spacewalk