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Billy Joel: Goodnight Saigon

On This Day in History: 1975, The Fall of Saigon

On This Day in History: 1803, The Louisiana Purchase

On This Day in History: 1945, Hitler Commits Suicide

The Burgin/Allison Discussions: Lobbying and Downing Street Refurbishment

On This Day in History: 311, Diocletianic Persecution of Christians Comes to an End

UK and Norway Fail to Reach Fishing Deal

India Needs a National Lockdown Policy

Thought for the Day MDCCIX

Rumer: The Look of Love

Advertisement for Discussion/Debate with Andrew Allison on the Government and Lobbying and the Downing Street Decor

On This Day in History: 1910, The People's Budget Passed in Parliament

On This Day in History: 1916, Indian 6th Army Division Surrenders After the Ottoman Siege of Kut

On This Day in History: 1945, Liberation of Dachau Concentration Camp

Labour: Johnson Must Not be Allowed to Mark his Own Homework

Biden: America is on the Move Again

German Intelligence Watches Querdenker Anti-Lockdown Movement

France Arrests Former Italian Terrorists

China Launches First Space Station Module

Elections in India Going Ahead

Thought for the Day MDCCVIII

Justin Hurwitz: Apollo 11 Launch

Michael Collins 1930-2021

What Future for the DUP? Ergo Northern Ireland?

On This Day in History: 1945, Mussolini is Executed

On This Day in History: 1789, Captain Bligh and his Men Cast Adrift

Johnson Faces a Pasting at PMQs

Former French Generals Cause Anger by Making "Civil War" Comments

European Parliament Ratifies EU/UK Trade Deal

India's Covid Deaths Pass 200,000

Thought for the Day MDCCVII

Fabrizio Caligaris: Nobody Does It Better

How long Before Public are Sick of Boris Johnson's Premiership?

EU Sues AstraZeneca Over Delays

Navanly Support Network Ordered to Cease Activities by Moscow Prosecutor

UK Aid Arriving in India

Thought for the Day MDCCVI

ABBA: Voulez Vous

On This Day in History: 1803, Napoleon Signs an Amnesty for all but 1,000 Emigres of the French Revolution

The Daily Mail Headline and Boris Johnson

Debate in Canada on Risk of Outdoor Infections

Oscars 2021

The Arrogance of the Super League Supporters

India's Desperate Situation

Thought for the Day MDCCV

Irish Juxtaposition

On This Day: 1915, Start of the Battle of Gallipoli

The Covidiots in London

Government Stench

Fine Gael and Irish Unity

French Volunteers Spend Forty Days in a Cave

Biden Angers Turkish Government for Referring to 1915 Armenian Mass Killing as "Genocide"

Navalny Ends Hunger Strike

Thought for the Day MDCCIV

Parish Notice

Thought for the Day MDCCIII

Wings: With a Little Luck

On This Day in History: 1986, British Beirut Hostage, Alec Collett, Reported Hanged

Treasury Publishes Greensill emails

Biden: Decisive Decade to Tackle Climate Change

Russia Pulls Back from "Military Exercises" near Ukraine

Thought for the Day MDCCII

Craig Armstrong: Finding Beauty

On This Day in History: 1945, Revolt at the Jasenovac Concentration Camp

On This Day in History: 1954, Start of the McCarthy/Army Hearings

On This Day in History: 1969, Robin Knox-Johnson Becomes the First to Sail Non Stop Around the World

Minneapolis Police to Face Federal Probe

Putin Facing Opposition

Covid Crisis in India

Thought for the Day MDCCI

Stevie Wonder: My Cherie Amour

All Six English Club Members Pull Out of the European Super League

Government by Text

Derek Chauvin Found Guilty of George Floyd's Death

Russia's Increasing Isolation

Thought for the Day MDCC

Mitteleuropa Orchestra: Penny Lane/Something

On This Day in History. 1992, the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert

On This Day in History: 1653, Oliver Cromwell Dissolves the Rump Parliament

Racism and the Church of England

Government Says it Will Work to Block European Super League

Walter Mondale 1928-2021

Armin Laschet Backed by Senior Christian Democrats for German Chancellor

Thought for the Day MDCXCIX

Henry Mancini: The Pink Panther Theme ('78)

First Helicopter Flight on Mars

On This Day in History: 1506, The Lisbon Massacre

The New Football European Super League

Covid Cases in Canada Overtake the US

US Warns Russia of "Consequences" if Navalny Dies

Thought for the Day MDCXCVIII

On This Day in History. 1930, The BBC Declare No News and Play Several Minutes of Music

On This Day in History: 1949, Ireland Officially Becomes a Republic

Barnier to Fellow Frenchmen: Heed Brexit Lessons or We Will Follow

The Salisbury "Tourists" from Russia and an Explosion in the Czech Republic

Doctors Warn Navalny Could Die Within Days

China and US Pledge on Climate Change

Thought for the Day MDCXCVII

B.J. Thomas: Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

On This Day in History: 1942, Henri Giraud Escapes From the Germans

Irish President Higgins Calls for End to Segregated Education in Northern Ireland

Prince Philip's Funeral

End of an Era in Cuba as Raul Castro Steps Down as leader

Doubts Cast on Bounty Allegations Against Russia

Russia Retaliates on US Sanctions

Thought for the Day MDCXCVI

Rumer: The Look of Love

On This Day in History: 1746, The Battle of Culloden

On This Day in History. 1917, Vladimir Lenin Returns to Russia

On This Day in History: 1912, Harriet Quimby Becomes the First Woman to Fly a Plane Across the English Channel

Senior Civil Servant Started Working for Greensill Before Quitting his Post

The Chinese Survivors of the Titanic

Mass Shooting at FedEx Building in Indianapolis, 13 Year Old Shot by Police in Chicago

Surge in Covid Cases in Chile Contain a Warning for the UK