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King's College Choir: Nunc Dimittis

On This Day in History: 1916, the Battle of Jutland

Fears UK Could Be Entering Third Wave of Covid

Boris, Carrie, and Westminster Cathedral

Remains of 215 Schoolchildren Found at Old Indigenous School Site in Canada

On a Dublin Flight to Krakow Diverted to Berlin Due to "Security Threat"

Netanyahu Warns Against New Coalition

Thought for the Day MDCCXL

Julio Iglesias: La Mer

On This Day in History: 1922, Dedication of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC

On This Day in History: 1431, Joan of Arc is Burned at the Stake

Manhunt in France for former Soldier Who Fired at Police

Global Protests Against Belarusian Dictator

Thought for the Day MDCCXXXIX

Fandom Corner: Rewatching The X-Files

On This Day in History: 1660, Restoration of the English and Scottish Monarchy

Those Mendacious Republicans

Irish Taoiseach Sets Out Road Map to End his Country's Lockdown

Belarus and Russia Put on Unity Show

Thought for the Day MDCCXXXVIII

Queen: These Are The Days of Our Lives

Government and Trust and the Downing Street Refurbishment

On This Day in History: 1974, Collapse of the Sunningdale Agreement

On This Day in History: 1948, D.F. Malan Elected South African Prime Minister, he Brings in Apartheid

Howard Beckett and Sharon Graham Threaten to Cut Funding to Labour if Elected Unite GS

Orban's Visit to the UK

Russia Blocks Air Flights for Avoiding Belarus Airspace

Germany Recognises it Committed Genocide in Namibia

US Helping to Pull Out Afghan Interpreters

Thought for the Day MDCCXXXVII

BBC Symphony Orchestra: Pomp and Circumstance

On This Day in History: 1940, The La Paradis Massacre

Labour Call for Hancock's Resignation

France and Germany Place Quarantine on UK Tourists

Red Lines, Lukashenko, and Belarus

Thought for the Day MDCCXXXVI

Andy Williams: The Impossible Dream

On Amazon's Purchase of MGM

George Floyd. One Year On

On This Day in History: 1538, John Calvin and his Followers Expelled from Geneva

Dominic Cummings Gives Evidence to the House of Commons on Covid Outbreak

Grand Jury in New York Deciding on Whether to Indict Donald Trump on Criminal Charges

The Fears of Roman Protasevich's Colleagues

The Forthcoming Biden/Putin Summit

Thought for the Day MDCCXXXV

Aimee Mann: Nobody Does It Better

Maureen Lipman Quits Equity

Livestream Discussion of The Spy Who Loved Me with Malcolm Mann

On This Day in History: 1977, General Release of Star Wars in Cinemas in the US

The Shrinking of Corbynism Within Labour

Report Criticises Prime Minister's Burka Comments as "Insensitive"

Florida Governor Signs Bill Penalising Tech Companies For Deplatforming Politicians

Catholic Rebellion in Germany Over Gay Blessings and Women Preachers

EU Ban Belarus Airlines from their Skies and UK Now Refuse to Allow Belarus Airplanes to Land at it's Airports

Travel Concerns Regarding Forthcoming Tokyo Olympics

Thought for the Day MDCCXXXIV

Gareth Moore: Love Divine

On This Day in History: 1487, "Coronation" of Lambert Simnel

On This Day in History: 1930, Amy Johnson Becomes the First Woman to Fly Solo from the United Kingdom to Australia

Jo Cox's Sister Chosen as Labour Candidate in Batley and Spen by-election

Farming, the UK, and Canada

The Migrant Camps on the US/Mexican Border

Western Governments React to Lukashenko Effectively Hijacking Ryanair Flight

Thought for the Day MDCCXXXIII

The Fortunes: Storm in a Teacup

Ryanair Flight to Lithuania, Diverted Over Belarus and Forced to Land "So Opposition Blogger Could be Arrested"

Priti Patel and the BBC's Reputation

300 Euros Culture Pass App for 18 Year Olds in France

United Kingdom Nil Points

Thought for the Day MDCCXXXII

ABBA: Waterloo

On This Day in History: 1819, First Steamship to Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean Sets off from Georgia, US

Farming, the UK, and Australia

Tennessee Police Mock Dying Man's Plea that he Cannot Breathe

Irish Plan to Possibly Ease Measures in June/July

Travel Between the UK and Spain and Spain and Japan

Gaza and Anti-Semitism

Thought for the Day MDCCXXXI

Paul McCartney: Hope for the Future

On This Day in History: 1991, Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi

On Prince William and Prince Harry's Criticism of the BBC Over Diana Interview

Israel and Hamas Agree Ceasefire

Thought for the Day MDCCXXX

The Cambridge Singers: The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended

On This Day in History: 1497, Possible Date John Cabot Set Sail Across the Atlantic With The Matthew

Diary of a Republican Representative in Congress

Ceasefire Over Gaza Within Days?

Thought for the Day MDCCXXIX

Billy Taylor Trio: I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free

On This Day in History: 1845, Franklin Expedition Sets off from Kent

On This Day in History: 1536, Execution of Anne Boleyn

Home Office Delays Review Into Daniel Morgan's Murder

No Charges to North Carolina Police Over Andrew Brown's Death

New York Investigation Into Trump now a Criminal Investigation

Manhunt in Belgium for Soldier Who Threatened Virologist

Today France Reopens Cultural Venues and Cafes

Syrian Refugees no longer Welcome in Denmark

Clampdown by Belarus Dictator Against Top News Site

Why Netanyahu why?

We Must Not Ignore or Forget Afghanistan

Thought for the Day MDCCXXVIII