On This Day in History: 1942, Holocaust in Ukraine. SS Kill 588 Jewish Residents of Zinkiv

 During the 1941-1944 German occupation of Ukraine, over one million Jews were killed by the Nazis. On 9th May 1942, 588 Jewish residents of Zinkiv were murdered by the SS with a machine gun by a ravine. On the same day, the Zoludek Ghetto in Belarus was destroyed and those held there were either executed, or deported to concentration camps. The savagery of the Nazis in the occupied parts of what was the USSR, was intense, with thousands shot and buried in pits. The survivor of one massacre did so by falling down and pretending to be dead before the people she was with reached one pit, and was not checked because shoes ended up being piled on top of her. A no of those responsible were caught by the Allies at the end of the war and those from the Ukraine who survived included Simon Wiesenthal, as well as the chemist, Roald Hoffmann 


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