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The Beatles: Real Love

On This Day in History: 1934, the Night of the Long Knives

UK Government Urge EU Citizens to Apply to Stay in UK Now or Lose Status

England 2 Germany 0

Government Calls Musicians to Help Put Pressure on EU Over Touring

US General Warns of Afghanistan Future

Thought for the Day MDCCLX

Lightning Seeds (With Baddiel and Skinner): Three Lions (Football's Coming Home)

On This Day in History: 1613, The Globe Theatre Burns to the Ground

Concerns Over Batley and Spen

England V Germany

Thought for the Day MDCCLIX

Paul McCartney: Anyway

British Military leadership Self Isolates

On This Day in History: 1880, Australian Outlaw, Ned Kelly, is Captured

Burning of Catholic Churches in Canada

Trump's Assertions About Covid

French Far Right Fail to Gain Regional Powerbase

Thought for the Day MDCCLVIII

Queen: Radio Ga Ga

Aftermath of the Hancock Debacle

Derek Chauvin Sentenced to 22 Years

Investigation Into Tour de France Crash Yesterday

The Chinese Zhurong Rover on Mars

Thought for the Day MDCCLVII

London Symphony Orchestra: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

On This Day in History (June 26th) 1409, Second Western Schism in Roman Catholic Church

Matt Hancock Resigns

Team Ireland Says it is Ready for Olympics

Low Turnout Among Young in French Provincial Elections

Thought for the Day MDCCLVI

David Dundas: Jeans On

On This Day in History: 1876, the Battle of Little Bighorn

On This Day in History: 1993, Kim Campbell Becomes Canada's First Female Prime Minister

Hancock's Affair With Aide

Roman Protasevich Moved to House Arrest

Thought for the Day MDCCLV

BBC Concert Orchestra: James Bond Theme

On This Day in History: 1902, Coronation of King Edward VII Delayed

Starmer Picks Blair Aide as Interim Communications Chief

The Burgin/Allison Discussions: Cancel Culture

Vice President Harris to Visit Mexican Border

A British Warship and Russian Jets

Thought for the Day MDCCLIV

BBC Proms: Jerusalem

We Need to Talk About Owen Jones

On This Day in History: 2016, UK Votes to Leave the European Union

On This Day in History: 1611, Henry Hudson, his Son, and Seven Others, Are Set Adrift by Mutineers

US Republicans Torpedo Voting Reform Bill

Queensland Authorities Deny Couple From Seeing Dying Father

Thought for the Day MDCCLIII

Sydney Symphony Orchestra: Danny Boy

An Imminent Republican Party Split?

On This Day in History: 1921, King George V Opens Northern Ireland Parliament

Germany's Armin Laschet Warns of Threat of Cold War With China

Spain Plans to Pardon Catalan Separatists

Are Tougher Sanctions Against Belarus Needed?

Increase in Australians Refusing Vaccines, as Poorer Countries are Running Out

Thought for the Day MDCCLII

Pomplamoose: Something About Us

On This Day in History: 1942, the Fall of Tobruk

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson to Announce DUP leadership Bid

Trudeau Aspiring for Merkel's G7 Mantel

Manhunt in Belgium Ends as Body of Fugitive Far Right Soldier is Found

Thought for the Day MDCCLXI

The Beatles: Good Day Sunshine

On This Day in History: 1685, the Duke of Monmouth Declares Himself King of England

Jo Cox - Five Years On

John Bercow Joins Labour

Opal Lee and Juneteenth

Mike Pence Jeered and Called Traitor by Mob of Trump Cultists

500,000 Have Now Died of Covid in Brazil

Clashes Over Banned Rave in France Results in Man Losing his Hand

Thought for the Day MDCCLX

HAUSER: Mozart's 21st Piano Concerto

On This Day in History: 1964, Civil Rights Act Passed in US Senate, Despite 83 Day Filibuster

Northern Ireland First Minister Told by DUP to Resign

Police Crowd Control Unit in Portland, Oregon, Resign En Masse After Officer Indicted

Leo Varadkar's Health Pledges

Palestinian Authority Cancels Vaccine Swap with Israel

UN Calls for End of Arms Sales to Myanmar

Thought for the Day MDCCLIX

Paul McCartney: Coming Up

On This Day in History. 1970, Shock General Election Win for the Conservatives

Lib Dems Gain Chesham and Amersham (Plus Labour's Travails). A Blip or a Trend?

Edwin Poots and 20 Days

Rise of Coronavirus in Russia

Kenneth Kaunda 1924-2021

Kim Jong-Un and Being Open to Talks With the US

Thought for the Day MDCCLVIII

Jigsaw: Sky High

The Attention Seekers on the Hard Right and Hard Left

On This Day in History: 1579, Sir Francis Drake Reaches California

On This Day in History: 1985, First Muslim in Space

Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, and WhatsApp

German Platoon Withdrawn from NATO Mission in Lithuania

The Biden/Putin Summit

Myanmar Military Suspected of Razing Village to the Ground

China Sends Three Astronauts for Country's Longest Crewed Mission

Kim Jong-Un Admits to Food Shortages and Threat of Famine in North Korea

Thought for the Day MDCCLVII

Queen: Hammer to Fall (Live)

On This Day in History: 1963, Valentina Tereshkova Becomes First Woman in Space

On This Day in History: 1903, Roald Amundsen Sets off to be First to Cross Northwest Passage

On This Day in History: 2012, China Sends It's First Female Astronaut into Space

Daniel Morgan, the Met, and Apologies

Concerns Regarding China Military Build Up

Juneteenth to be a Federal Holiday

Ryanair Says it Had No Choice But to Land Plane in Belarus

Conflict Starts Up Again Between Israel and Gaza

Thought for the Day MDCCLVI

John Barry/English Chamber Orchestra: Winning

On This Day in History: 1215, King John Puts his Seal to Magna Carta

On This Day in History: 1919, Completion of First Non Stop Transatlantic Flight