Mike Pence Jeered and Called Traitor by Mob of Trump Cultists

 A rather unnerving incident, but sadly not at all surprising. One can hardly expect Trump supporters to tell the difference between fake news and genuine news, what is propaganda or otherwise, that when there is no evidence against electoral malpractice, there is no case. No would one expect for a Trump supporter to know when they commit acts of insurrection that border treason and that therefore they are far closer to being traitors than Mike Pence is, or indeed have a grounded and full knowledge of the powers as Vice President has and does not have. If they did they would have turned away from their delusions already. Heck they did not even appreciate Pence mentioning his support for the years Trump was President.

Question is, how does America move on from this horrorfest that is tearing the country apart and move towards politics that does not indulge in extremism? 


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