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Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra: Beethoven's 5th Symphony

On This Day in History: 1975, the Miami Showband Massacre

Massive Increase in Donations to RNLI

On This Day in History: 1971, First Use of Buggy on the Moon

Justice Department Demands IRS Hands Over Trump's Tax Returns to Congress

The Olympics and the Island of Ireland

Israel Accuses Iran of Being Behind Oil Tanker Attack off Oman's Coast

Thought for the Day MDCCXCII

BBC Symphony Orchestra: Pomp and Circumstance

On This Day in History: 1975, Jimmy Hoffa Disappears

On This Day in History: 1966, England Win the World Cup

Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall to Quit Doctor Who

Holocaust Memorial in Victoria, Westminster, to go Ahead

Change of View Regarding Vaccines from Sceptics in the US

Public Inquiry Finds Maltese State Responsible for Daphne Caruana Galizia's Death

Complaints About Slow Delivery of Russian Vaccine

Nigerian Influencer, Hushpuppi, Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering

Thought for the Day MDCCXCI

Neil Sedaka: The Immigrant

On This Day in History: 1981, Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer

On This Day in History: 1588, the Spanish Armada Faces Significant Defeat

The RNLI and Rescuing Migrants

Government, Official Secrets, and Investigative Journalism

Andrew Clyde Challenged Over Tourist Comments Regarding Trump Supporting Terrorists

Bosnian Serbs Complain About Ban on Genocide Denial

Thought for the Day MDCCXC

Justin Hawkins: This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us

On This Day in History: 1917, the Silent Parade Protest Against Violence Committed Against African Americans

On This Day in History: 1540, Thomas Cromwell is Executed

Michael Gove and Those who Refuse Vaccines who Can be Vaccinated

Wes Streeting is Back

Police Testimony at the Congressional 6th January Hearing

The Desperation With Lebanon

Thought for the Day MDCCLXXXIX

The Pretenders: Back in the Chain Gang

On This Day in History: 1942, The Allies Halt Axis Advance into Egypt

On This Day in History: 1866, the First Permanent Transatlantic Cable is Completed

Ken Loach Facing Expulsion from Labour

Congressional Inquiry Into January 6th Attacks Begins

The German Pensioner and the Nazi Tank

US Combat Forces to leave Iraq

Telephone Hotline Between North Korea and South Korea Restored

Thought for the Day MDCCLXXXVIII

Matt Monro: We're Gonna Change The Wolrd

On This Day in History: 2016, Hillary Clinton Becomes the First Female Nominee for President from a Major US Political Party

On This Day in History: 1745, First Recorded Instance of a Women's Cricket Match

Canada, the UK, and Covid

Labour's New Deal for Working People

Fauci's Concern Over People Not Taking Vaccines in US

Indoor Service to Resume for Irish Pubs and Restaurants

Covid Protests in Tunisia lead to President Sacking his Prime Minister

Thought for the Day MDCCLXXXVII

Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe : Barcelona

On This Day in History: 1934, Austrian Chancellor is Assassinated

Further Clashes in Paris over Covid

The Budapest Pride March

Thought for the Day MDCCLXXXVI

Neil Sedaka: The Immigrant

On This Day in History: 1967, Charles de Gaulle Angers Anglophone Canadians with his "Vive le Québec libre" Call

Giles Coren and That "Dawn Foster" Tweet

Emily Maitlis and the BBC

Police Federation. No Confidence in Patel

US Authorities Redefine What Makes an Astronaut

Basking Sharks Near Irish Coast

More Anti-lockdown Protests in Australia

Thought for the Day MDCCLXXXV

The Beatles: Penny Lane

On This Day in History: 1926, Fox Film Buys Patents to Movietone Sound System

Dawn Butler and Lying in the House of Commons

No Negotiation at Present Over Northern Ireland Protocol

Russia Sends Extra Module to International Space Station

Tokyo Olympics to Shortly Open

Covid Positive Man Takes Flight Pretending to be his Wife

Thought for the Day MDCCLXXXIV

Queen: We Are the Champions (Live)

On This Day in History: 1946, Bombing of King David Hotel in Jerusalem

Labour Proscribe Four Groups

Johnson and the Over 80's Covid Comment

France Brings in Covid Health Pass

US and Germany Reach Deal Over German/Russian Pipeline

Thought for the Day MDCCLXXXIII

David Bowie ft John Lennon: Fame

On the Day in History: 1976, Assassination of Christopher Ewart-Biggs, UK Ambassador to Ireland

The Cummings Interview

The Commercial Spaceflight and Jeff Bezos

Fully Vaccinated Americans Allowed into Canada from August

Olympics Chief Does Not Rule Out Cancelling Games

Half of Australia Back in Lockdown

Thought for the Day MDCCLXXXI

Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra: Mozart's 21st Piano Concerto

On This Day in History: 1976, Viking 1 Probe lands on Mars

On This Day in History: 1982, the Hyde Park and Regents Park Bombings

Donaldson Wants Brexit Deal Renegotiated Regarding Northern Ireland

Greensill Report. Cameron Acted in Good Faith But Lacked Judgement

Freedumb Day

Marjorie Taylor Greene Temporarily Suspended from Twitter Again

German Government Accused of Lack of Preparation Regarding the Floods

Thought for the Day MDCCLXXX

The Clash: London Calling

On This Day in History: 1982, Kidnapping of Acting President of AUB, David Dodge

On This Day in History: 1545, the Sinking of English Warship, the Mary Rose

Opening Up in England

No of Canadians Vaccinated Surpasses US Figures

Widow of Assassinated Haitian President Returns Home

Two Covid Vaccination Centres in France Vandalised

Havana Syndrome in Vienna

Thought for the Day MDCCLXXIX

The Clash: Train in Vain

On This Day in History: 1870, Dogma of Papal Infallibility Issued by First Vatican Council

On This Day in History: 1290, Edward I Issues the Edict of Expulsion Against Jews in England

Johnson and Javid Now Self Isolating After Public Backlash

On Travel Firms Angry Over People Journeying from France Having to Quarantine

Two Athletes at Olympic Village in Tokyo Test Positive for Covid