On This Day in History: 1934, Austrian Chancellor is Assassinated

 Chancellor of Austria from 1932, Engelbert Dollfuss feared Nazi influence in Austria and in 1933 took drastic action and brought in dictatorial powers. Then in February 1934 he banned socialism, as well as the Austrian Nazi Party 

On 25th July 1934, a coup attempt was made in Austria, with the help of the German SS, in the process Dollfuss was shot when the Chancellery was stormed, fatally wounded he asked for the eucharist for the dying, but it was refused him. Overall the coup failed as many Austrians remained loyal to the government.

In 1938, Austria was taken over by Germany after a plebiscite, and remained under Nazi control until the end of the Second World War. While a democratic country, Austria today sill has significant problems with far right elements 


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