On This Day in History: 1975, Jimmy Hoffa Disappears

 A Teamsters Union official and involved in organised crime, the Justice Department was after Hoffa for years, indeed Bobby Kennedy was known for being determined to bring Hoffa to book. Finally, in 1964, Hoffa was sentenced and imprisoned for Jury tampering and wire fraud. Further sentences were made in 1967, before Hoffa was released early in 1971, his sentence commuted by President Nixon, one of the conditions being that he would not be involved in the management of any Labor organisation until March 1980.

However, Hoffa was determined to be involved with the running of the Teamsters again, which apparently upset the Mafia. On 30th July 1975, Hoffa turned up at the Machus Red Fox Restaurant in Detroit, having arranged to meet with two Mafia opponents in order to iron out their problems. Hoffa made two phone calls after the appointed time of the meeting complaining they were late. He was last seen a short while later at the back of a car with three other men, and has not been seen since

There is hardly any doubt that Hoffa was murdered and his body disposed of, what mystery there is is down to who exactly was responsible and what exactly happened to his body 


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