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`David Gilmour: Today

Talks Between Israeli Defence Minister and Palestinian President

Growth of Support for Independent Councillors

Greta Thunberg has Doubts About Forthcoming Climate Change Conference in Scotland

Paris Speed Limit Now Put at 18 mph/30 km/h

Former Afghan Government Minister Now a Delivery Driver in Germany

European Union Recommends Travel Restrictions for US Over Covid

US Out of Afghanistan as Taliban Takes Control of Kabul Airport

Thought for the Day MDCCCXXIII

The Analogues: Penny Lane

On This Day in History: 1916, Sir Ernest Shackleton Rescues His Men Stuck on Elephant Island

Increase of Covid in Western Canada

Bolsonaro's Self Pity

Rockets Targeting Kabul Airport

North Korea Apparently Restarting Nuclear Reactor

Covid, Coffee, and Vietnam

Thought for the Day MDCCCXXII

The Beatles: Paperback Writer

More Than 500 Migrants Rescued off Italian Island

Thought for the Day MDCCCXXI

Neil Sedaka: The Immigrant

On This Day in History: 1565, Oldest Continuously Occupied City in What is Now United States Land is Founded

British Troops Leave Afghanistan

Northernmost Land Found Off Greenland Coast

Angry Crowds Cause Cancellation of Trudeau Rally

Robert Kennedy's Killer Recommended for Parole

DUP leader: Irish Support for Brexit Deal is Harming Northern Ireland

Michel Barnier Aiming for French Presidency

Austrian Former Far Right leader Found Guilty of Corruption

US Drone Attack Kills One of ISIS-K Organisers of Airport Attack

Thought for the Day MDCCCXX

ABBA: Thank You For The Music

Release of New ABBA Songs Imminent

On This Day in History: 1979, IRA Kill 18 British Soldiers at Warrenpoint

On This Day in History: 1896, Shortest War in History Takes Place

On This Day in History: 1955, the First Edition of the Guinness Book of Records is Published

On This Day in History: 1883, One of Largest Volcanic Eruptions in History, at Krakatoa

Continuing Questions Over Behaviour of Johnsons and Downing Street

Macron, Ireland, and the Northern Ireland Protocol

The Young Female Afghan Mayor Who Fled to Germany

Mass Graves from Stalin Era Found in Ukraine

Israeli Prime Minister Seeks Better Relations With the US

The Bomb Attacks at Kabul Airport

Thought for the Day MDCCCXIX

ABBA: Take a Chance On Me

On This Day in History: 1346, the Battle of Crecy

Poland and the Afghans on the Belarus Border

Terror Attack Warning Concerning Kabul Airport

Thought for the Day MDCCCXVIII

Billy Joel: Goodnight Saigon

Sharon Graham Likely to be New Unite General Secretary

On This Day in History. 1989, Voyager 2 Approaches Neptune

On This Day in History: 2012, Voyager 1 Becomes the First Man Made Object to Leave the Solar System

On This Day in History: 1940, the British Bomb Berlin

On This Day in History: 1944, The Liberation of Paris

Lib Dems Aim for Tory Heartlands

Biden Keen to Go With Taliban Deadline

Thought for the Day MDCCCXVII

The Rolling Stones: You've Got Me Rocking (Live)

Charlie Watts 1941-2021

On This Day in History: 1814, The British Invade Washington DC

On This Day in History: 410AD, the Visigoths Sack Rome

On This Day in History: 79AD, Eruption of Mount Vesuvius

The New UK Trade Envoys

Germany Heading for Three Way Coalition in Aftermath of Elections

Poland Building Fence to Keep Migrants Out from Belarus

Scrambling to Leave Kabul Before 31st August

Thought for the Day MDCCCXVI

The Everly Brothers: All I Have To Do Is Dream

On This Day in History: 1973, Bank Robbery Goes Wrong in Stockholm, leading to Creation of Famous Phrase

On This Day in History: 1898, Southern Cross, British Antarctic Expedition Departs from London

Canadian Soldier Who Fed Cannabis Cupcakes to her Fellow Troops to be Sentenced

Merkel to Putin: Don't Use Gas Pipeline as Weapon

Johnson Calls on Biden to Delay Withdrawal from Kabul

Thought for the Day MDCCCXV

Pink Floyd: Louder Than Words

On This Day in History: 1485, Richard III is Killed at the Battle of Bosworth

Josephine Baker's Remains to be Moved to Pantheon

Fears of an IS Attack on Kabul Airport

Thought for the Day MDCCCXIV

Carly Simon: Nobody Does It Better

On This Day in History: 1983, Assassination of Benigno Aquino

On This Day in History: 1911, the Mona Lisa is Stolen

Sole Survivor of a Dinghy Which Contained 52 People, Found in Atlantic

Macron to Visit Ireland Next Week

Seven Russians Sanctioned by UK Over Navalny Poisoning

The Continual Attempted Exodus from Afghanistan

Thought for the Day MDCCCXIII

Queen: Is This the World We Created?

On This Day in History: 1940, Leon Trotsky is Fatally Wounded by his Assassin, Ramon Mercader

On This Day in History: 14AD, Agrippa Postumous is Assassinated by his Captors, Shortly After Death of his Grandfather, Emperor Augustus

Phone Call Dominic Raab Did Not Make, Was Not Made by Anyone Else

Biden: Afghan Troops May Stay in Kabul Beyond 31st August

For Those Who Think We Should Just Accept the Taliban....

Thought for the Day MDCCCXII

Paul McCartney ft Beck: Find My Way

Biden: No American Left Behind. Meanwhile in the UK Parliament...

Lithuania: Belarus Officers Illegally Pushing Immigrants Over Border

The Defiance of the Flag Waving Protesters

Thought for the Day MDCCCXI

On This Day in History: 1962, Ringo Starr Performs as a Beatle for the First Time

John Lennon: Borrowed Time

On This Day in History: 1590, English Colonial Governor, John White, Discovers The Roanoke Colony Have Disappeared

21 Year Old Loughborough University Student Evacuated from Afghanistan

Parliament to Meet Today to Discuss Situation in Afghanistan

Snap Lockdown in New Zealand Over One Covid Case

Thought for the Day MDCCCX