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a-ha: The Living Daylights

On This Day in History: 1974, Assassination of former Chilean Defence Minister, Carlos Prats

Starmer's Conference Speech

San Jose, California, Apologises for Past Racism Towards Chinese Community

Building to Start on Obama Presidential Centre

Russia Threatens YouTube After RT Ban

Thought for the Day MDCCCLIII

Dusty Springfield: The Look of Love

RTD2 - the return of the regenerator

On This Day in History: 1918, Hindenburg Line Broken by Allies

Starmer: Winning More Important than Party Unity

General's Statements on Afghanistan Contradict Biden's

North Korea Claims to Have Fired Hypersonic Missile

Thought for the Day MDCCLII

Adele: Skyfall

Livestream Discussion on Spectre with Malcolm Mann

On This Day in History: 1912, Signing of the Ulster Covenant

On This Day in History: 48BC, Assassination of Pompey

Dame Louise Ellman Rejoins Labour After Rule Changes

Angela Rayner Doubles Down Over "Scum" Comments

Andy McDonald Resigns From Shadow Cabinet

Iceland Falls Short of Female Majority Parliament

Two Thirds of Swiss Back Same Sex Marriage in Referendum

Coalition Talks Begin After German Elections

Social Media Accounts Deleted in Afghanistan

Thought for the Day MDCCCLI

Propellerheads: On Her Majesty's Secret Service

On This Day in History: 1590, Pope Urban VII Dies, 12 Days After he was Elected, the Shortest Papal Reign in History

On This Day in History: 1791, Jews in France are Given Full National Citizenship

Angela Rayner, Tories, and Those "Scum" Comments

Labour Backs Starmer Over Leadership Election Reforms

Canadian Foreign Minister: Eyes Open in Thaw in Canadian Chinese Elections

Iceland Becomes First European Country to Have a Majority of Female MP's

Narrow Win for SPD in German Elections

Taliban to Afghan Barbers: Don't Trim Beards

Thought for the Day MDCCCL

Pulp: All Time High

On This Day in History: 1580, Sir Francis Drake Becomes First Englishman to Circumnavigate the Globe

Back to the Drawing Board With how Labour leaders are Elected

France, Humiliation, and the United States

Olaf Scholz: EU and UK Will Have to Work Together as Friends

Thought for the Day MDCCCXLIX

Iggy Pop: We Have All the Time in the World

China Frees Two Canadians

On This Day in History: 275AD, For the Final Time, the Roman Senate Elects an Emperor

France and UK Look to Mend Relations Following Submarine Argument

Irish Taoiseach Concerned Over Knock On Effects of Brexit

The CIA, Vienna, and Havana Syndrome

Canada to Release Huawei Executive

Taliban Official Says Executions Will Return to Afghanistan

Kim Yo-Jong: North Korea Open to Peace if Conditions Are Met

Thought for the Day MDCCCXLVIII

Marvin Hamlisch: Nobody Does It Better

On This Day in History: 1975, Doug Scott and Dougal Haston Become the First Britons to Summit Everest

Starmer's Essay

Trump Allies Subpoenaed Over January 6th Riots

The Plight of the Refugees Between Poland and Belarus

Thought for the Day MDCCCXLVII

ABBA: Voulez-Vous

On This Day in History: 1973, Juan Peron Returns to Power in Argentina

France and US Looking to End Row Over Submarine Rift

Alleged Covid Conspiracist Shoots Dead Cashier in Germany in Argument Over Masks

Thought for the Day MDCCCXLVI

On This Day in History: 1692, Last Hanging as a Result of the Salem Witch Trials

Labour and an Electoral College

Less Chance of a UK/US Trade Deal

Court Rules Russia Behind Litvinenko Murder

Taliban Ask to Speak at UN General Assembly

Thought for the Day MDCCCXLV

On This Day in History: 1171, England Invades the Kingdom of Dublin

On This Day in History: 1898, End of the Hundred Days Reform in China

US Opens Up to the Fully Vaccinated in November

Trudeau Wins Re-Election, But Fails to Gain Majority

A Return to 1970s Style Winter?

German Federal Elections. Emotions Vs Logic

Threat of Starvation in Afghanistan

The World's Oldest Identical Twins

Thought for the Day MDCCCXLIV

Bill Withers: Lovely Day

On This Day in History: 1973, The Battle of the Sexes Tennis Match

On This Day in History: 1962, James Meredith is Temporarily Barred from Entering Mississippi University

On This Day in History: 1920, Black and Tans Burn Down the Town of Balbriggan

Rosie Duffield and Being Intimidated Into Not Attending the Labour Party Conference

France Cancels Defence Summit With UK

Trudeau's Potential Nemesis

Russian Parliamentary Elections: Accusations of Fraud

Female Civil Servants in Kabul told to "Stay Home"

Submarine Agreement. Australia Denies Lying to France

Thought for the Day MDCCCXLIII

Only Fools and Horses: Cards with Boycie

On This Day in History: 1356, King John II of France is Captured by the English

Labour, Membership, Starmer, and McDonnell

The Return of the Amateur Astronauts

US and Canadian Elections. The Differences

French Minister Accuses Australia and US of "Lies", and UK of "constant opportunism"

The Taliban and the Ariana Cabin Crew

Thought for the Day MDCCCXLII

ABBA: I Still Have Faith In You

On This Day in History: 96AD, Nerva Becomes Roman Emperor

Michael D. Higgins and the Church Service Marking Northern Ireland's Centenary

Afghanistan's "Morality" Police and US Incompetence

Thought for the Day MDCCCXLI

France Recalls Envoys Over Military Pact Between Australia, UK, and the US

The Beatles: Martha My Dear

On This Day in History: 1944, Operation Market Garden. Airborne Troops Parachute Into the Netherlands

Sir Clive Sinclair 1940-2021

British Company to Send Probe to the Moon in 2024

McCluskey Says Starmer Lacks an Election Winning Vision

Thought for the Day MDCCCXL

The Beatles: Here Comes the Sun

Marks & Spencer Close 11 Stores in France Because of Brexit

On This Day in History: 1810, Start of the Mexican Struggle for Independence