On This Day in History: 1692, Last Hanging as a Result of the Salem Witch Trials

 An example of when mass hysteria and lack of due process happens, the Salem Witch Trials, immortalised in Arthur Miller's play, The Crucible, saw over 200 people arrested for witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts. Of those arrested and after subjected to a trial with lack of proper legal proceedings, firm evidence, and conducted with fear and prejudice, 30 were convicted, with 19 hanged and another pressed to death for refusing to plead. 

The following year saw a change as the Governor of Massachusetts intervened and as the hysteria subsided many at the church community where the accusations began, publicly asked for forgiveness for what they now saw, or admitted, were false accusations. Then in 2001, the State of Massachusetts proclaimed all who were executed as a result of the Trials, as innocent 


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